Basic info

  • Time: Monday 4th May 2015, 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-devel channel on Freenode IRC network
    • You need a registered Freenode IRC nickname to join #openvpn-devel (details)


  • documentation
    • openvpn.8 stinks - it's way too big, has "all in one place" (reference manual and introduction etc.), and some bits are really only of historic relevance ("this command appeared in OpenVPN 2.1). What to do about it?
  • ticket handling in trac
    • what about all the OpenVPN Connect tickets? Can someone from OpenVPN tech take them and at least provide feedback, or even better, a solution & close? ;-)
    • there are a huge amount of tickets with no milestone - someone volunteering to classify them for relevance (2.3.7/2.3.8 or 2.4, or "just feature wish")?
    • open tickets with milestone 2.3.7 - run through them, clarify status and decide on next steps
  • OpenVPN 2.4

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