Basic info

  • Time: Monday 18th May 2015, 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-devel channel on Freenode IRC network
    • You need a registered Freenode IRC nickname to join #openvpn-devel (details)


  1. OpenVPN argument parsing
    • Most options ignore "extra" parameters
    • Mailing list discussion here
  2. Support requests sent to the security list
    • There are plenty of these requests, despite clear explanation what the security list is for
    • Most requests are clearly from clueless people, as they contain nowhere near enough information to figure out the exact problem, let alone resolve the problem
    • Should we add a "honeypot" email (e.g. support) for these people?
      • Emails would go to /dev/null, but a reply would get sent with instructions on how to get help
  3. Status of OpenVPN 2.3.7
  4. Status of OpenVPN 2.4

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