OpenVPN Beta 2.2 release blockers

Remaining Trac tickets

OpenVPN 2.2 beta is technically ready for release except for a few trivial work in progress issues:

Lack of Windows client binaries and signed TUN/TAP drivers

All beta 2.2 packages expect Windows binaries can be built automatically by Buildbot. Cross-compiling Windows binaries on *NIX with the TUN/TAP drivers is not possible. Therefore a Windows computer has to be used. Unfortunately nobody (we know of) in the community has a Windows setup that could be used to build Windows client binaries and/or signed TUN/TAP drivers for 2.2 beta.

Who will take care of creating the Windows beta 2.2 packages/installers?

Hosting of OpenVPN 2.2 beta releases

Where shall we host the OpenVPN 2.2 beta releases? By far the easiest and least error-prone setup would be the following:

  • host beta releases on allows buildslaves to push new builds to the public without manual intervention
  • provide direct a link to the latest release from

Announcing the 2.2 beta release

We also need to announce beta 2.2 release officially. Any community/company member can send email to openvpn-devel, openvpn-user and post to (soon Somebody from the company would need to announce the release on Twitter and our web pages. Who will take care of these?

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