Developers and committers

OpenVPN project has a large number of active developers and contributors, who are all listed in recent changelogs (2.2-beta1, 2.1.4 and later). These changelogs are available on the downloads page and in the OpenVPN release packages.

To get up-to-date information you can use some Git magic. First checkout the OpenVPN development tree as described here. Then use a command like this, provided you use GNU grep:

$ git shortlog -e --no-merges v2.2-beta1 v2.2-beta5|grep "^[[:alnum:]].*"|sort|uniq -u

The -e switch shows the email address of each contributor. To get a list of all tags (=frozen development tree states) use

$ git tag -l

Contacting developers

If you want to contact OpenVPN developers, look here.

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