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TAP driver not removed on uninstallation

Reported by: AnthonyW Owned by: OpenVPN Inc.
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Component: tap-windows Version: OpenVPN Connect for Windows
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When using the new OpenVPN Connect MSI installer ( on Windows x64 I have noticed that the TAP driver is not removed from the system when uninstalling. The experimental wintun driver works correctly.

Installer aquired from which at the time of writing downloads openvpn-connect-

Precursor Steps

  1. Verify the system has no current TAP driver installed. Open powershell as an administrator and enter:
pnputil /enum-drivers | Select-String -Pattern "TAP-Windows Provider V9 for OpenVPN Connect" -Context 3,5
  1. If the command returns an installed driver, remove old installations of OpenVPN connect and run the command again. If the driver is still there and you are sure you have uninstalled OpenVPN Connect and TAP drivers in their entirety you can remove the driver with:
pnputil /delete-driver oem<NUMBER>.inf

Where oem<NUMBER>.inf is the Published Name returned from the first enum-drivers command, e.g. oem17.inf.

To Reproduce

  1. Install OpenVPN Connect selecting the TAP driver during installation.
  2. Once installed run the following command:
    pnputil /enum-drivers | Select-String -Pattern "TAP-Windows Provider V9 for OpenVPN Connect" -Context 3,5
    There should be a result to something like:
      Published name :            oem17.inf
    > Driver package provider :   TAP-Windows Provider V9 for OpenVPN Connect
      Class :                     Network adapters
      Driver date and version :   09/27/2019
      Signer name :               Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
  3. Now uninstall OpenVPN connect (either by right clicking on the MSI installer and pressing Uninstall, or through Add or remove programs in the Windows settings).
  4. Run the command in step 2 again, notice that the driver remains.

Expected Behaviour

The driver is shown in step 2 and then disappears in step 4.


By constrast, if you install the wintun driver and replace the pattern in step 2 to be "WireGuard? LLC" you will see the wintun driver install, and then upon uninstallation see it get removed. Looking at the TAP Windows project, it seems the tap driver installation framework is based off of the code from wintun and thus this seems to be a regression.

Furthermore, this appears to be a bug in the OpenVPN Connect MSI installer, as testing the msm module from in a test installer I created myself; the driver is installed and uninstalled successfully.

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Apologies this should have been tagged as tap-windows6, I did not see that option due to a scroll box that I missed when creating the issue.

I don't seem to be able to edit it so would appreciate it if someone could. Many thanks.

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Actually "tap-windows6" is for "problems with the tap-windows6 driver", which this is not, but with "bundling/packaging".

But it's not really the right forum anyway, as we (community) do not maintain the Connect client or installer. I've reached out to OpenVPN Inc to get someone to have a look.

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Thanks Gert, my mistake. In future where should bug reports for OpenVPN Inc go? I could not find a clear answer that wasn’t sales related, hence why I defaulted back to this forum.

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The open source bug tracking system here is not the correct place to report bugs regarding the commercial software OpenVPN Connect v3. The appropriate location to report issues with that software is on the official support ticket system at

I personally have the impression this is an application specific driver (it bears the name of OpenVPN Connect specifically in the driver name) and as such it should be uninstalled when OpenVPN Connect gets removed. We will have one of our QA engineers look into this problem to see if we can reproduce it. If we learn anything from this we'll update here.

Kind regards,

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