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Network Connection created by OpenVPN CLient 2.4.8 in Windows 10 1809 isn't fully recognized

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Priority: major Milestone: release 2.4.8
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Cc: tap-windows6, zenworks, location, detection


We are Using Microfocus Zenworks in our environment, which has a functionality to detect "locations" based on certain parameters of the local network connection, in our case, simply by the ip address range. E.G, when a machine has a IP in the network, then we consider this the location "VPN" and can act upon that.

Immediately after updating OpenVPN client 2.4.7 to 2.4.8, this stopped working. Downgrading to 2.4.7 makes it work again.

The only other hint I found that is different and maybe related is that with 2.4.8, Windows shows the openvpn adapter in ipconfig /all as ""Unbekannter Adapter Lan-Verbindung" ("Unknown Adapter Lan-Connection", my translation), whereas in 2.4.7 it's called "Ethernet-Adapter Ethernet 2"

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The TAP driver was changed from claiming "I am an ethernet driver" to "I am a virtual interface" - which was right before 2.4.8 release.

I don't think there is anything we can do about it on the OpenVPN side (except "revert that change", but we had quite some discussion about it and the end result was "this is more correct behaviour"). The PR is here:

So - I think you'll need to open a ticket with Microfocus about this, so they can recognize virtual interfaces as well.

I will proceed to close the ticket as "wontfix", as this is not something we can fix on our end.

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