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You are most welcome to translate any of the official documentation on or documentation on this Wiki into your native language, but let us know before you do. You can place your translations to this Wiki, or host them elsewhere. In either case, please add a link to this page.


OpenVPN-GUI is the new official Windows GUI for OpenVPN. It makes less sense to translate the old GUI, as OpenVPN 2.3 releases will be using the new one instead.

Translating the GUI

If you're making a new translation (from English), you can download the openvpn-gui-res-en.rc using the GitWeb interface. If you know your way around Git (or see our git crash course), checking out the latest development code from here and sending in a real patch makes the life of OpenVPN-GUI developers easier. However, this is not by any means mandatory. In either case, you need to translate all English sentences in the English rc file. The portions that need to be translated are not clearly marked, but they in most cases be obvious enough. You should not translate any of the variables, or the GUI won't work properly. For best results you should test the translation in the GUI to make sure it works properly and that the translations make sense.

Testing the translation

You need to build OpenVPN-GUI to test your translation. Before you build openvpn-gui, copy your translation to it's build root directory add a new include entry to the openvpn-gui-res.rc file:

#include "openvpn-gui-res-<something>.rc"

This ensures your translation gets included in openvpn-gui.exe. Then just launch the GUI and verify that all translations make sense.

Publishing the translation

Once you're finished with the translation, subscribe to the openvpn-devel mailinglist and send it there. This will ensure the developers of the OpenVPN-GUI will notice it and include it in the code repository and future releases. It's also a good idea to host the translated file somewhere and inform OpenVPN users about it using openvpn-users mailinglist or OpenVPN forums. This allows people to test it and report any problems they have with it.

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