Basic info

  • Time: Wed 24th Oct 2018 11:30 CEST (09:30 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-meeting channel on Freenode IRC network


  1. Adding Google Analytics to[1]
  2. tls-crypt-v2: status update
  3. networking API patch: status update
  4. OpenVPN 2.5 status
  5. Review patches on Patchwork

Topics on hold

  1. Tap-windows6 / HLK test updates
  2. FIPS patches
  3. VLAN patches v2 (help is needed to get these through) discussed at the hackathon in Lviv (2018)


[1] Quoting Matt, the person responsible for OpenVPN websites:

"The goal of this would be to understand what information first-time users are finding the most valuable on"

"As this is a publicly accessible community without the requirement to join to read the articles, it would be advantageous for all to understand which pieces of content the public are finding the most useful, what encourages them to become a part of the community, and what potentially persuaded them to use start using a commercial product."

"As links to and vice versa this will also help us to understand the complete journey of a user and help to improve the website experience, which can only be seen as a positive."

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