Basic info

  • Time: Wed 17th Jan 2018 11:30 CEST (10:30 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-meeting channel on Freenode IRC network


  1. Building release/2.4 branch in Buildbot?
    • "release/2.4" has the --disable-crypto flag
    • "master" does not
  2. 2.4.5 release status
  3. Selva requested feedback on 'ecdsa-sig' management interface command, see below for details
  4. Review patches on Patchwork
  5. Create new "Components" in bug tracker to improve bugs classification (i.e. OpenVPN for Android is mixed up with Connect)

Topics on hold

  1. FIPS patches
  2. VLAN patches v2


Email from Selva:

I do not think I can make any coherent case at 5:30am even if I
somehow manage to make it to the meeting, but would like some feedback
on one thing:

Topic:  'ecdsa-sig' management interface command that I proposed (the
patch for supporting EC certs with external key being reviewed by

We currently have rsa-sig for RSA signatures[*]. With hindsight we
could say this naming was not ideal as now we want to support
multiple key types. I think it may be better to name the new command
as type-agnostic like  'pkey-sig' so that we can deprecate rsa-sig and
eventualy remove it. As only management clients are affected this
should be easier than deprecating a config option. In the mean time
exclusively use
the new command for ECDSA signatures.

Including the key/signature type in the command name is not necessary as the
UI knows which key to use and that fixes the signature type.

If the meeting is already loaded with topics, I can ask this on the devel list.


[*] The daemon sends RSA-SIGN, the management client responds with rsa-sig

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