• OpenVPN 2.3.5 release
    • Recent tap-windows6 -related fixes in OpenVPN require a new release
    • There are other queued changes in the 2.3 branch (see below)
    • Anything missing?
    • Release date?
  • Session-ID patch
  • Munich Hackathon
    • Goals, plans, etc.
  • Suggested new option for TLSv1.2 adoption: --tls-version-max (similar to --tls-version-min)
    • As suggested by syzzer on #openvpn-devel

Changes in the 2.3 branch

Andris Kalnozols (2):
      Fix some typos in the man page.
      Do not upcase x509-username-field for mixed-case arguments.

Arne Schwabe (1):
      Fix server routes not working in topology subnet with --server [v3]

David Sommerseth (4):
      Improve error reporting on file access to --client-config-dir and --ccd-exclusive
      Don't let openvpn_popen() keep zombies around
      Add systemd unit file for OpenVPN
      systemd: Use systemd functions to consider systemd availability

Gert Doering (3):
      Drop incoming fe80:: packets silently now.
      Fix platform-dependent failures
      Call init script helpers with explicit path (./)

Heiko Hund (1):
      refine assertion to allow other modes than CBC

Hubert Kario (2):
      ocsp_check - signature verification and cert staus results are separate
      ocsp_check - double check if ocsp didn't report any errors in execution

James Bekkema (1):
      Fix socket-flag/TCP_NODELAY on Mac OS X

James Yonan (6):
      Fixed several instances of declarations after statements.
      In socket.c, fixed issue where uninitialized value (err) is being passed to to gai_strerror.
      Explicitly cast the third parameter of setsockopt to const void * to avoid warning.
      MSVC 2008 doesn't support dimensioning an array with a const var nor using %z as a printf format specifier.
      Define PATH_SEPARATOR for MSVC builds.
      Fixed some compile issues with show_library_versions()

Jann Horn (1):
      Remove quadratic complexity from openvpn_base64_decode()

Mike Gilbert (1):
      Add configure check for the path to systemd-ask-password

Philipp Hagemeister (2):
      Add topology in sample server configuration file
      Implement on-link route adding for iproute2

Samuel Thibault (1):
      Ensure that client-connect files are always deleted

Steffan Karger (10):
      Remove function without effect (cipher_ok() always returned true).
      Remove unneeded wrapper functions in crypto_openssl.c
      Fix bug that incorrectly refuses oid representation eku's in polar builds
      Update README.polarssl
      Rename ALLOW_NON_CBC_CIPHERS to ENABLE_OFB_CFB_MODE, and add to configure.
      Add proper check for crypto modes (CBC or OFB/CFB)
      Improve --show-ciphers to show if a cipher can be used in static key mode
      Extend t_lpback tests to test all ciphers reported by --show-ciphers
      Don't exit daemon if opening or parsing the CRL fails.
      Fix typo in cipher_kt_mode_{cbc, ofb_cfb}() doxygen.
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