New topics

  • Figure out definition of the new data frame format with and without session ID
    • Recent, related mailing list conversation here
    • Notes from the Munich Hackathon here
  • Missing "IV_OPENVPN_GUI_VERSION" in OpenVPN Connect
    • It was agreed in Munich that sending this information makes sense
    • OpenVPN for Android (from plaisthos) already makes use of this feature
    • OpenVPN Connect client (from jamesyonan) seems not to be implementing this yet
      • Is a fix in the queue?
  • Signal handling is a bit funny in some places:
    • ignoring certains signal while dns resolving
    • USR1 is promoted to a HUP if it arrives in the initialisation phase
    • link_socket_init_phase2 ignores all signal if called with a pending signal
    • Are these behaviours required or can we clean this up?
  • Tap-windows NDIS 6 port
    • Latest news from jamesyonan
  • [PATCH]: ssl: enable basic ecdsa

The usual stuff

Patch review

If time permis, review patches from here. ACK/NACK/discuss.

Ticket review

If time permits, review some of the fairly recent tickets (22nd Nov 2013 -> today) listed here.

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