• Handling security vulnerabilities in the future
    • Always get a CVE entry?
    • Always make a security announcement (threat, impact, etc.)
    • Makes handling the issue much easier for downstream
    • Compile a list of OpenVPN package maintainer (e.g. *BSD, Linux) email addresses, so that they can be notified in advance of security updates.
  • OpenVPN 3.0
    • Was released along API documentation under AGPL v3 in FOSDEM 2013
    • Currently used primarily/only in OpenVPN Connect clients for Android/iOS from OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.
    • Getting the code to Git: currently only an outdated tarball is available
  • OpenVPN 2.4
    • What is the goal of the 2.4 release?
    • What patches in "master" are 2.4-only material?
    • Patches
      • Android patchsets
      • Dual stack client patches
      • utun on mac os x
        • native tun, no need for extra tun.kext
        • Supported for all OS X >= 10.6.8 (latest PPC version)
        • Unfortunatly requires root
        • Real question: Drop tun.kext support and support only utun or "try utun first, fall back to tun.kext if it fails"
      • svn 2.1 patchset (snappy support, push-peer-info changes, see trac#268-273)
      • management interface changes (status 2/3)
      • Formatting and whitespace fixes (just before 2.4 release)
    • --version to include git commit id and branch?
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