This is a special company/community meeting.


Agenda is still preliminary, but topics should include:

  • OpenVPN C++ implementation (currently in OpenVPN Technologies Android client)
    • Background/rationale
    • Releasing it under an open source license
      • When?
      • Where?
      • Which license?
      • Requirements
      • Challenges
    • Will it become OpenVPN 3.0?
    • Will it make more sense to clean up current OpenVPN during 2.4 release cycle?
  • OpenVPN 2.3
    • Role in the company
    • Getting others (espc. James) from the company more involved in community development
  • Joint company/community meeting in FOSDEM in Bruessels
    • The agenda?
      • OpenVPN 3.x (see above)?
      • OpenVPN 2.4 planning?
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