Patch queue

  • Which patches have been ACKed but are not in Git yet?
    • Final Visual Studio buildsystem patches from mattock
  • Which patches lack an ACK?

OpenVPN 2.2.2

  • Release date?

OpenVPN 2.3

  • Release date?


  • Cannot access Syspro 6.0 Server with 2.2RC or 2.2.0: "It is no openvpn configuration problem, the sql client software generates udp packets with a frame length of 51 bit and these packets do not get forwarded through the tunnel (tcpdump on the other end didn't receive anything), but when i take the same packet, only modifing the frame length to 64 and injecting it, then the packet gets forwarded through the tunnel."
    • Can jamesyonan help with this?

Sprint topics

This meeting will focus on remaining verification function patches. Full status of PolarSSL patches is available here.

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