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OpenVPN 2.3 snapshot builds for Windows

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Placing small ads into the OpenVPN Windows installer?

The primary motivation is to raise awareness of OpenVPN Tech's commercial products. These ads would not be invasive, and will not be force-fed to the community. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Add small mentions our products in Windows installer's README file (reading it can be skipped)
  2. Add link icons to Windows menus (e.g. "Test Access Server", "Test hosted service") pointing to the product pages. Would allow measuring the effects if special URL or options were used. Would not be invasive, unlike, say, desktop icons.
  3. Add a new "commercial offerings" installation screen to Windows installer (opt-in).

An example text for options 1 and 3 might be something like this:

There are a number of commercial products based on OpenVPN:

- Access Server integrates OpenVPN with enterprise management capabilities, a simplified client  GUI
  and an easy to use administration GUI. It is packaged for various Linux distributions, available as
  a virtual appliances and as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the Amazon Cloud.
- Shield Exchange is an anonymizing service that also protects against various network threats by
  securing the traffic from user's computer to the Shield Exchange server and back.
- OpenVPN Hosted Service is a hosted version of Access Server

For further details on any of these, go to


  • Russell's questions:
    • "Why is the management interface not available until a connection to a remote server is initiated (and first contact proceeding)? Why not bring this interface up immediately, and perhaps limit commands that are available (until a "full" connection is made)?"
    • "Why does OpenVPN not support / provide exit codes (e.g. a particular exit code to indicate that no available TAP adapters are available)?"
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