• OpenVPN 2.2.0
    • One bug found and fixed within 6 hours of release (compile time issue only, commit b70d99fb617350b252c)
    • One outstanding issue from James (commit 4d453a1792b04f01a8c31 / r7125)
      • This one requires backporting with more infrastructure changes. How critical is this critical bug?
    • How long to wait until releasing 2.2.1?
  • Code repositories
    • What to do with "openvpn-testing.git" repo
      • What to do with "allmerged" branch
    • Minimizing merge conflicts between SVN and Git
      • openvpn.8 is biggest sore point
  • Improving automated testing (buildbot)
    • Buildbot configuration is pretty static, needs to be generated more programmatically to allow wider scope of testing
    • Which build configurations to test?
    • Automated connection tests ( fail too often. For example, compare this successful and this failed build.
      • Test 2 fails consistently on current buildslaves, disabled for now
      • Which parameters to tune to prevent most failures?
      • Prevents/discourages configuring buildbot to send mails to the public openvpn-builds mailinglist
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