Patch queue for 2.2-RC2

OpenVPN 2.2-RC2 release

Everything is set, except these:

  1. TAP-driver signing (jamesyonan)
  2. Generating and testing Windows installer with signed TAP drivers (mattock)
  3. Signing the installer (jamesyonan)
  4. Tagging the Git tree (dazo)
  5. Generating source packages (dazo/mattock)
  6. Generating .deb packages (mattock)
  7. GPG Signing all release files (jamesyonan)
  8. Publishing the release (mattock)


  • Kaspersky (antivirus?) thinks OpenVPN 2.1.4 (and later?) is a rootkit
    • Mattock tried installing Kaspersky, but trial download links they give are broken (404)
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