2.2-rc release

  • For James: Signing the installer
  • For James: GnuPG signatures for all release files: exe, tar.gz, zip and tar.xz
  • Further on-the-fly Windows installer smoke-tests (if possible)
    • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
    • Windows 7 32-bit
    • Windows Server versions (2003+)


  • Trac Wiki
    • We can now move documentation from to the Wiki
      • What should be migrated? Suggestion: primarily quickly changing content, e.g. FAQ
      • How to handle links to existing documentation such as search engine results?
      • man page(s)
    • Putting "Hosted service" and "Access Server" in the main Trac button row
      • Rationale: documentation migration might eventually start diverting traffic from to Trac, thus reducing visibility of OpenVPN Tech's commercial products
      • Alternative: some other way to handle this issue


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