Development issues

  • Alon's build system patch + splitting Windows TAP driver, Windows installer and easy-rsa into separate git trees.
  • Buildbot
    • Setting up a dedicated openvpn-builds mailinglist
      • Buildbot can generate a lot of traffic if several builds fail at once. We definitely don't want openvpn-devel (with to get flooded with these.
      • Some of the less important messages can be deactivated as necessary to reduce spam
    • Setting up a dedicated openvpn-commits list
      • Buildbot needs to know when a commit has been made so that it can trigger a build. There is a buildbot git hook available, but it can't be easily used with Git server. Also, there's no built-in RSS support which could be used to read Git commit RSS feed.
      • Probably the easiest solution to triggering builds is to setup a dedicated openvpn-commits mailinglist which buildbot can monitor and use to trigger builds. In case something goes wrong with the build, Buildbot can use the email to figure out the developer responsible for the broken patch and mail him privately ("blame" him in buildbot parlance).
      • Parsing openvpn-devel can be risky, as it's an open list. Somebody might misuse buildbot by simply sending mails which look like git commit mails.
    • mailinglists can be configured to be read-only and to accept mails from specific addresses (e.g. buildmaster@buildbot-server-address). This means they're safe to use in this kind of configurations.
    • Could these two lists (-builds and -commits) be combined into one, e.g. openvpn-buildbot?
    • Do we also want IRC notifications to #openvpn-devel?
  • Windows builds
    • When will the next beta release be made?
    • Should mattock focus on Windows builds right after the above buildbot stuff?
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