Development issues

  • Issues with release of OpenVPN 2.2-beta2
    • James uses a script to generate "Downloads" page on -> it can't be edited directly by Samuli. Can James make the 2.2-beta2 release?
    • Windows client binary for beta2 still missing: James is working on this. When will this be ready?
    • "Windows TAP driver not signed" issue with 2.1.2: does this affect 2.2-beta2?
  • Relationship and purpose of 2.1.x and 2.2* series
    • Is 2.1.x a pure bugfix/maintance release? If not, should it be?
    • Should 2.1.x series be discontinued once 2.2 is stable?
    • In general: we should probably try to avoid adding new features to proven, stable releases (e.g. 2.1.x). The "testing" tree and betas are safer place for those.
  • Communication between community and company developers definitely needs improvement: the 2.2-beta release has been postponed almost 3 weeks now, mostly due to communication issues. How do we fix this?
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