Development process

  • Background
    • The first phase of the development process (work done in "testing") is handled properly
    • The last phase of the development process, official releases, are handled by James, but the process / requirements for a release are not documented
    • Right now "testing" is effectively a fork of James' "stable" SVN tree
    • There is no roadmap for next 2.x release

  • Which tree to base releases on?
    • Option 1: Basing releases on James' "stable" tree
      • There's no process to move code from "testing" (git) to "stable" (svn)
      • The release process is not documented
    • Option 2: Basing releases on David's "testing" tree
      • Currently James makes his modifications to his SVN tree and David pulls his changes to "testing". In this regard, James' SVN tree is no different from any other external tree
      • Only David's "allmerged" branch contains all code (James', external trees, etc.)
      • The "testing" tree should get widest testing, especially after we start releasing testing snapshots and linking to them from
  • How to verify stability of the "testing" code (for moving to "stable" or prior to a release?
    • Publishing or linking to "testing" releases on is essential to get wider use for "testing"


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