Possible bugs/issues

  • Several issues discussed first in this email thread
    • (Windows) All error codes when using the InternetQueryOption? API are lost. See also Openvpn 2.1 uses the "old" IE4 API.
    • Enabling auto-proxy to work in configs that contain both UDP and TCP-based "<connection>" profiles?
    • In a similar vein, the following ticket is in the bug tracking system. There seems to be a general problem with mixing TCP and UDP options (eg. mssfix, nobind, fragment) tracker item
  • Unnecessary script-security warning? See attachment, below.


  • Roadmap
    • Who will be responsible for creating and following the roadmap?
    • How do we integrate organic development ("random" patches to ml) and planned development (roadmap)
  • Bad TCP-over-TCP performance. What could be done to make it less bad? See this thread and Stephen Carville's response.
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