This page shows the high-level status of OpenVPN 2.6 release. If you want all the details, see the Active Tickets by Milestone report.


Too early to say, but we hope to get this done quicker than 2.4 and 2.5 - so, tentatively, "August 2021"

Features/fixes to include

must have

Task descriptionAssigned toStatusTicket
DCO (on Linux) ordex, plaisthos alpha release -
DCO (on Windows) lev, d12fk, plaisthos wip -
DCO (on FreBSD) ? ? -
update auth-user-pass docs mattock not started, discussion here
polish auth-token / auth-gen-token corner cases (not sending token after explicit-exit-notify from server, etc.) cron2, plaisthos pending -

nice to have

Task descriptionAssigned toStatusTicket
support for multiple-protocol sockets (UDP/TCP) ordex wip
Support for multiple sockets (multi-port/multi-IP) ordex pending review #556
Dynamic routes ('route in ccd-file'), depends on netlink support ??? ???
transport plugin (primary use case: obfuscation) ordex wip
tftp/wpad patch jjk patch on list, needs review and merge
support TLS record splitting (like ovpn3) syzzer (started, but no patches available yet) #554
test server that does --auth-user-pass and/or challenge stuff cron2 (snair)--auth-user-pass done, challenge missing
Update OpenVPN PRF (move away from SHA1/MD5) syzzer/plaisthos done(?)
maybe: add PRF plugin interface ??? ???
maybe: add key exchange plugin interface (allows easily doing .e.g post quantum kex) ??? ???
maybe: add data channel separation (or, move to ovpn3, which already has this?) ??? ???
maybe: fix radius-plugin - plugin is useful but not maintained very well ??? ???
improve control channel performance syzzer ???
inner VRF support? ?? ?? ??
route monitoring (enable clients to react to network changes) cron2 not started -
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