This page lists various projects that are related to OpenVPN in one way or another. Due to large number of inactive/obsolete projects they are listed separately from currently active projects. A project is considered inactive if there has been no development activity/releases in ~12 months. Please add new projects and move old ones to "Inactive" category as necessary or this list soon becomes obsolete.

Windows client GUI

Probably the most used add-on to OpenVPN is the Windows client GUI. The old client GUI is effectively unmaintained and all new OpenVPN releases (2.3+) include the new GUI that is more advanced and uses the OpenVPN management interface for controlling the OpenVPN daemon and should thus be more reliable.

OpenVPN Technologies Inc also provide a client which is available here.

Windows System Service

There is a supplementary Windows System/NT Service available for OpenVPN that has proper support for Sleep, Standby and Resume events and comes with a small control panel/GUI. Written in VB.NET and released under a MIT license, you can reuse it's core DLL from within your own .NET projects. Find it on Codeplex. Please use the Codeplex issue tracker to report any bugs.

Active projects


Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Android 4.0 portPortCommunityGPLv2C

Client GUI

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
GopenvpnGUI (POSIX)CommunityGPLv2C
GuizmOVPNGUI (IOS)ClosedUnknownObjective-C
Kvpnc (supports OpenVPN)GUI (any KDE platform)CommunityGPLv2C++
NetworkManager OpenVPN pluginGUI (POSIX)CommunityGPLv2C
OAST - New OpenVPN GUIGUI (any Java platform)CommunityGPLv2Java
OpenVPN Access Server Windows ClientGUI (Win), mostly for ASClosedProprietary
OpenVPN Client WindowsGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C++
OpenVPN for PocketPCOpenVPN clientCommunityFreewareC(?)
OpenVPN-GUIGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C
OpenVPN ManagerGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C#
OpenVPN MI GUIGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C
OpenVPN PortablePortable GUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C
OpenVPN SettingsGUI (Android)CommunityApache License 2.0Java
OpenVPN-StatusGUI (any Python platform)CommunityGPLv2Python
OpenVPN-UIGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLC# (+WPF)
PyopenvpnmanGUI (Windows)CommunityLGPLPython
Simple OpenVPN GUI for linuxGUI (POSIX)CommunityGPLv2C
TunnelblickGUI (macOS/OS X)CommunityGPLv2Objective-C
TunnelDroidGUI (Android)CommunityGPLv3Java
tunXtenGUI (Windows)ClosedProprietary
ViscosityGUI (Windows/OS X)ClosedProprietary
ShimoGUI (OSX)ClosedProprietary

Management GUI

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Access ServerCommercial version of OpenVPNClosedProprietary
Bytemine managerGUI for server administrationCommunityBSD licenceJava
OpenVPN-MonitorOpenVPN status monitorCommunityGPLv3Python
ClearOSOS w/ OpenVPN managementCommunity
IPCopOS w/ OpenVPN managementCommunityGPL
OpenVPN switcher (vpnsw)Star/stop/monit openvpn services]CommunityPerl Artistic 2.0Perl
OpenVPN Server Monitor GUIOpenVPN Server Monitoring Software
pfSenseOS w/ OpenVPN and key/cert managmentCommunityBSD
ZentyalOS w/ OpenVPN managementCommunityGPLv2Perl
OMNIOpenVPN setup & management/SSL Certificate Managed PKIClosedProprietary
OpenVPN AdminGUI (Web-based)CommunityGPLPerl
VAMOpenVPN account management (Web-based)CommunityPerl Artistic 2.0Perl

Certificate management

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
MiniCAWeb app for x.509 cert managementCommunityPerl Artistic 2.0Perl
OpenVPN Web Certificate ManagementCert management interf.


Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Authentication and authorizationAuthentication add-onPrivateFreeware-
eurephiaAuthentication pluginCommunityGPLv2C/XSL
htpasswd AuthenticationAuthentication scriptPrivateFreewareC
LDAP authenticationAuthentication moduleCommunityGPLv2C
MySQL authenticationAuthentication moduleCommunityGPLv2C
Openvpn-auth-ldapAuthentication pluginCommunityBSD (new)Objective-C
Openvpn authserverAuthentication frameworkCommunityGPLv2Perl
OpenVPN LDAP for Windows ServerAuth script for WindowsCommunitywxWindowsVBScript
Pam-openvpnPAM integration moduleCommunityGPLv2C
Radiusplugin for OpenVPNAuthentication moduleCommunityGPLv2C++

Patchsets / modifications

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Openvpn4vanReal-time version of OvpnCommunityGPLv2C++
TunemuTun dev support for DarwinCommunityGPLv2C


Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
OpenVPN e.V.Forums & wiki (de/en)
OpenVPN forumsForums (en)
OpenVPN wiki @Secure Computing Wiki
OpenVPN Trac Wiki/Issue trackerWiki/Issue tracker

Non-OpenVPN services

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Debian bug tracker(OpenVPN) bug reports
Debian packages(OpenVPN) packages
Fedora/Fedora EPEL packages(OpenVPN) packages
Gentoo bug tracker(OpenVPN) bug reports
Ubuntu bug tracker(OpenVPN) bug reports
Ubuntu packages(OpenVPN) packages


Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
Easy OpenVPN PackagerInstaller customizationCommunityUndefinedUndefined
Debian/Ubuntu "testing" packagesPackages
OpenMesherOpenVPN Router MeshCommunityBSDEnglish
PloneOpenvpnPlone CMS moduleCommunityUndefinedUndefined
Snom VoIP phonesOpenVPN used for encryption
WiKID Strong Authentication System
StoneVPNCert/config managerCommunityGPLv2English
OpenVPN Service for WindowsNT ServiceCommunityMITVB.NET
Non-Sucking Service ManagerNT Service public domain

Inactive projects

Project namePurposeDevel modelLicenseLanguageURL
OpenVPN ControlGUI (any perl/tk platform)CommunityGPLv2Perl, Tk
KovpnGUI (any KDE platform)CommunityGPLv2C++
OpenVPN Web GUIGUI (Web-based)CommunityBSDPHP
Donar projectTurn-key VPN solutionCommunityGPLv2Java
PhpVPNManagement GUICommunityGPL/LGPLv2C++/PHP
Online Administration for OpenVPNWebUICommunityGPLv2PHP
OpenVPN Smart ConfiguratorGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2VB .NET
OpenVPN PKI GUIGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv3AutoIT
Openvpn guruWeb-based admin UICommunityUndefinedUndefined
csVPNGUI (Java)CommunityUndefinedJava
OpenVPN-TrackerOpenVPN status monitorCommunityBSD/GPLv2PHP
VpnmgmUser/group access controlCommunityGPLv2PHP
Openvpn java front endGUI (any Java platform)CommunityGPLv2Java
OpenVPN Key Distribution SystemKey distribution serviceCommunityGPLv2PHP
MyVPN OpenVPN Web ConfigWeb configuration UICommunityGPLv2PHP, Perl
Local VPN ProxyLocal VPN proxyCommunityMultipleC
OpenVPN Auth PasswdAuthentication pluginCommunityGPLv2C
FASTOpenVPN-GuiGUI (Windows)CommunityMPL v1.1Delphi/Kylix
GtokenvpnManagement GUI (POSIX)CommunityBSDPerl
EuVpnGUI (Linux)CommunityGPLv2Java
OpenVPN Firewall PluginFirewall pluginCommunityGPLv2C
OpenVPN GUIGUI (any Java platform)CommunityGPLv2Java
OpenVPN-GUI for WindowsGUI (Windows)CommunityGPLv2C
Openvpn certificate generatorCert. Management GUICommunityGPLv2Java, PHP
OpenVPN SysTrayGUI (any Java platform)CommunityGPLv2Java
SimplexVPNKZero-conf OpenVPN(?)CommunityBSDC#
Multiplatform Admin GUI for OpenVPNGUI (Windows/Linux)CommunityC#
TunTunGUI (POSIX)CommunityGPLv2Vala
authsqlite Authentication pluginCommunityGPLv2C
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