OpenWrt is a very small Linux distribution for routers, initially the Cisco/Linksys? "WRT 54 GL", thus the name. It is related to the similar Linux-based DD-WRT and Tomato router firmware, but is substantially different, especially for user-space applications and user-interfaces.

OpenWrt uses the opkg package management system to install and manage modular software packages. The command-line interface is BusyBox ash, but there are three available Web-based graphical user interfaces available: LuCI, X-Wrt or Gargoyle Router Firmware.

OpenWrt comes with an OpenVPN package based on the mainstream 2.1 release (as of 2010/06/27).

If you want IPv6 support or any of the other features in the development tree, you have to build your own package, based on the openvpn-devel sources. OpenvpnDevelPackageForOpenWRT has details of this process.

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