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Interesting events

  • Mattock modified openvpn-build to build snappy-enabled version of OpenVPN 2.3.x / Git "master". Preliminary OpenVPN Windows builds and documentation are available here. Openvpn-build still needs work (see "Ongoing development").
  • A community meeting was held (agenda, summary and chatlog)

New patches

  • Arne Schwabe updated some of his patches:
    • Allow routes to be set before opening tun, similar to...
    • Android platform specific changes
    • Add ability to send/receive file descriptors via mana...
    • Allow routes to be set before opening tun, similar to i...
    • Emulate persist-tun on Android


Commits to the Git repo

  • None this week

Ongoing development

  • Adding snappy support in openvpn-build
    • Seems to work with shared libstdc++ and libgcc, but the former is too large (8MB) to be included as-is in Windows installers. Therefore these libraries need to be statically linked.
  • Adding PolarSSL connectivity tests to the buildslaves
  • OpenVPN-GUI NSI installer (details here)
  • Getting the last SVN-only patches into Git "master"
  • Mattock's review of Trac tickets
  • OpenVPN 2.3.2 release, required mostly due to commit 0bcde52 (above). Will be out soonish, not critical.
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