This page includes plans and missing parts for 2.3 releases starting from 2.3-alpha2.


A few patches are still missing from this release:

openvpn-gui patches


This release should not see any major code/behavioral modifications. List of tasks:

  • Ask Coverity to update their OpenVPN source tree and fix any problems the Coverity Scan (static analysis) finds


List of tasks:

  • Get separate Windows code-signing keys for the OSS project
  • Get James' signatures to community members' GPG keys
  • Integrate connectivity tests to buildslaves


These fixes should go into 2.3.3:

  • The chroot issue PATCH: Fix file access checks when using --chroot done
  • TLS versioning patch
    • This is already in the 2.3.x tree, because it's important for long-term compatibility
    • However, we can't release 2.3.3 before the new iOS client is in the Apple Appstore, because that client will break if the server has this patch --done (and iOS OpenVPN 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 connect to --master perfectly well)
  • trac #349 (push-continue not working) done
  • trac #327 (multihome not working on FreeBSD, should be fairly trivial)
  • trac #55 (--route not working on the server side if used together with --topology subnet) - at least verify that this is still an issue
  • trac #141 (ipv6 reconfiguration fails on linux if 'dev tun0' is used and that existed previously)
  • other open bugs from trac?
  • --block-ipv6 patch from cron2 for 2.3 code base
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