Open development tasks for OpenVPN

This page provides links to pages containing information about new features, their scope, how to implement them etc.

In planning

  • Supporting "route-gateway dhcp" on non-Windows platforms]
  • Don't assert() on stream ciphers
  • Move openvpn.8 man page over to DocBook?, and let DocBook? generate the man page.
  • Consider what to do with misleading errors
    • When using --user together with --route or getting routes pushed from server, a non-critical error is logged when shutting down OpenVPN (f.ex. "ERROR: Linux route delete command failed: shell command exited with error status: 2")
    • Should this error be muted or be mutable when --user is used?
  • Better capture and integrate messages sent to stdout/stderr from external scripts in OpenVPN logs
  • Review Windows code in OpenVPN
    • Some places calloc() is used. Should be changed to the gc_arena API
    • Do we really need the dummy() functions all around? If we do, document it in the code why we need it.

Waiting for testing


Add warnings when duplicate options are encountered


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