OpenVPN Hackathon 2023

This year's hackathon is organized by Lev Stipakov. For the most part.


October 6-8, 2023


The venue for the hackathon is a Scandinavian School Costa Blanca, which is in Orihuela Costa, Alicante province, Valencian Community, Spain.


C. Pablo Picasso, 5
Bloque 6, 3ª Planta
03189 Orihuela, Alicante

The closest airport is Alicante Elche. From there it takes 50min by taxi to arrive to Orihuela Costa. Note that the venue located about 8km from Torrevieja center, so you probably don't want to book a hotel there.

Hotels close-by:

Who is coming?

Name Topics Arrival Departure Hotel T-shirt size
Lev Stipakov DCO, new TAP driver already there 08.10 late evening TBD M
Gert Döring triage open issues, Tunnelcrack Thu. Oct. 5 16:20 at ALC Sun Oct. 8 flight at 12:30 Servigroup XL
Arne Schwabe things Tur late (19:00 at ALC) Sun afternoon (flight at 18:50) TBD XXL
Johan Draaisma gerrit Thu. Oct. 5. 16:30 Sa. Oct. 14. 17:20 una casa cerca de la escuela XL
Frank Lichtenheld gerrit Thu Oct 5 16:45 So Oct 10 18:10 Servigroup XL
Heiko Hund future of --dhcp-options Thu. Oct. 5. 16:25 Sa. Oct. 14. 15:00 una casa cerca de la escuela XXL
Max Fillinger TBD Thu. 16:30 at ALC Mon. 13:00 Orihuela Costa Resort XL
Antonio Quartulli i just want a shirt kthxbye not attending not attending not attending M
James Yonan 90% sure he'll come - - - XL
Samuli Seppänen not attending not attending not attending


  • Status of OpenVPN 2.7:
  • Deprecation of NTLM authentication on proxy
  • Future of DNS options passed via dhcp-option directive, deprecation planning
  • Taking Gerrit into use and solving any remaining issues preventing this
  • Live route updates feature discussion
  • Custom app control message feature discussion
  • dco-win p2mp patch - how to proceed?
  • Organizing hackathons in the future, better notifications to interesting people
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