OpenVPN was split into several subprojects between 2.3-alpha1 -> 2.3-alpha2 releases. Tap-windows is an NDIS 5 driver which provides tap adapter capabilities on Windows. Support for NDIS 5 will be dropped in future Windows versions, which is why tap-windows has been deprecated by tap-windows6 that uses NDIS 6 instead. Here's a table that shows the relation between the driver versions:

Installer nameProject nameNDIS versionOperating system
tap-windows-9.21.2 tap-windows6 6Windows Vista and above
tap-windows-9.9.2_3 tap-windows 5Windows XP

Fetching tap-windows source code

To fetch tap-windows (NDIS 5) use

$ git clone

To fetch tap-windows (NDIS 6) use

$ git clone

Getting tap-windows releases

All tap-windows releases are available in a number of places:

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