NOTE: This buildsystem is the official buildsystem starting with openvpn 2.3-alpha2. The rest of this article is thus more or less outdated.

This new buildsystem is available in GitHub. For usage documentation, take a look here.

NOTE: Instead of merging these patches from the mailing list, the content should be pulled from Alon's updated repositories:

The commit history has been preserved.


Tap-windows patchset

These messages are viewable from here.

Patch nameACKed byNotes
tap-windows 00/11 standalone package
tap-windows 03/11 cleanup: remove warnings of redefinition of macros
tap-windows 04/11 debug: add !DbgPrint support
tap-windows 05/11 build: set default to newer ddk
tap-windows 06/11 cleanup: replace TAP-Win32->TAP-Windows
tap-windows 08/11 cleanup: add TAP_WIN prefix to exports
tap-windows 09/11 cleanup: create .gitignore
tap-windows 10/11 docs: add COPYING COPYRIGHT.GPL
tap-windows 11/11 build: initial build

Easy-rsa patchset

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Patch nameACKed byNotes
easy-rsa 0/4 standalone package
easy-rsa 1/4 cleanup: fix execute permissionsamuli
easy-rsa 2/4 build: simple autotools buildsamuli (feature-ACK only)
easy-rsa 3/4 build: docsamuliACK only if easy-rsa 2/4 was sane autotools-vise
easy-rsa 4/4 packaging: rpm: initial addsamuli (feature-ACK only)

OpenVPN-GUI build rewrite patchset

These messages are viewable from here.

Patch nameACKed byNotes
openvpn-gui 0/8 build rewrite
openvpn-gui 1/8 cleanup: resolve unused parameter warnings
openvpn-gui 2/8 cleanup: resolve warnings missing malloc include
openvpn-gui 3/8 debug: fix debug under unicode
openvpn-gui 4/8 cleanup: add missing stdlib.h
openvpn-gui 5/8 cleanup: dos2unix res/openvpn-gui-res-fi.rc
openvpn-gui 6/8 cleanup: dos2unix res/openvpn-gui-res-jp.rc
openvpn-gui 7/8 cleanup: dos2unix OpenVPN GUI ReadMe.txt
openvpn-gui 8/8 build: rework build

Build revolution patchset

These messages are viewable from here.

Patch nameACKed byNotes
PATCH 00/52 build revolution
PATCH 01/52 build: version should not contain '-'dazoHelps with RPMs and debs don't care.
PATCH 02/52 package: rpm: strip should be handled by package managemsamuli
PATCH 03/52 cleanup: options.c: remove redundant includeandj, samuli
PATCH 04/52 cleanup: remove C++ warningssamuli
PATCH 05/52 cleanup: win32.c: wrong printf formatandj, dazothis is correct: WCHAR *cmd = wide_string (a->argv[0], &gc);
PATCH 06/52 cleanup: remove redundant ';'samuli
PATCH 07/52 cleanup: crypto_openssl.c: remove support for pre-opensssamuli
PATCH 08/52 cleanup: tun.c: fix incorrect option in message (ip-win3samuli
PATCH 09/52 cleanup: memcmp.c: remove unused sourcesamuli
PATCH 10/52 fixup: init.c: add missing conditional for ENABLE_CLIENTandj, dazoforward.h was included twice, good fix
PATCH 11/52 build: correct place to alter WINVER is at build systemsamuli
PATCH 12/52 Update .gitignoresamuli
PATCH 13/52 build: handle printf style format in mingwdazo
PATCH 14/52 build: rename plugin directory to pluginsdazo
PATCH 15/52 build: plugins: properly use CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGSandj, dazo
PATCH 16/52 build: we need the sample.ovpn in futuredazoSamuli's comments. Dazo: "I'd say ACK, and we'll improve this later on"
PATCH 17/52 Remove install-win32samuli
PATCH 18/52 Remove easy-rsasamuli
PATCH 19/52 Remove tap-win32samuli
PATCH 20/52 cleanup: rename tap-windows function from win32 to winsamuli
PATCH 21/52 build: remove windows specific build systemsamuli
PATCH 22/52 build: split acinclude.m4 into m4/*andj
PATCH 23/52 build: m4/ax_varargs.m4: cleanupdazo
PATCH 24/52 build: m4/ax_emptyarray.m4: cleanupdazo
PATCH 25/52 build: m4/ax_socklen_t.m4: cleanupdazo
PATCH 26/52 build: autotools: first pass of trivial autotools changeandj, dazoSimple cleanups
PATCH 27/52 build: autoconf: remove OPENVPN_ADD_LIBS useless macrosamuli
PATCH 28/52 build: remove awk and non-standard autoconf output procesamuli
PATCH 29/52 build: standard directory layoutandjandj: "compliments for cleaning that up"
PATCH 30/52 build: add libtool + windows resources for executablesdazo, mattockFix the COMPANY_NAME and LEGAL_COPYRIGHT later
PATCH 31/52 build: autoconf: commands as environmentandjcomments from samuli and alon
PATCH 32/52 build: libdl usageandj, dazo
PATCH 33/52 build: properly detect and use socket libsdazosamuli's comments
PATCH 34/52 build: autoconf: minor cleanupsandj, dazo
PATCH 35/52 build: proper selinux detection and usagesamuli
PATCH 36/52 build: distribute pkg.m4samuli
PATCH 37/52 build: proper pkcs11-helper detection and usagesamuli
PATCH 38/52 build: properly process lzo-stubsamuli
PATCH 39/52 build: proper lzo detection and usageandj, dazoDiscuss on the ml whether lzo should be enabled by default
PATCH 40/52 build: proper crypto detection and usageandjandj: OpenSSL 0.9.6 needs to go
PATCH 41/52 build: autoconf: update defaults for optionssamuli
PATCH 42/52 build: win-msvc: msbuild formatsamuli
PATCH 43/52 build: move out config.h include from sysheaddazo
PATCH 44/52 build: split out compatdazoFeature-ACK from Samuli
PATCH 45/52 build: move gettimeofday() emulation to compatdazoRemoves #ifdefs, cleans up the code
PATCH 46/52 build: move daemon() emulation into compatsamuli
PATCH 47/52 build: move inet_ntop(), inet_pton() emulation into compsamuli
PATCH 48/52 cleanup: move console related function into its own moducron2Feature-ACK from samuli
PATCH 49/52 build: move wrappers into platform modulecron2Feature-ACK from samuli
PATCH 50/52 build: windows: install to allow installer resamuli
PATCH 51/52 build: distribute samples in windowssamuliProvided this analysis is correct
PATCH 52/52 build: use tap-windows.h as external dependencysamuli
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