OpenVPN Hackathon 2015


This year's hackathon is organized by Steffan Karger (syzzer) and sponsored by Fox-IT.

We will stick to the format of the previous years, which means attendance is in pinciple limited to "active developers that are also regularily contributing to #openvpn-devel or the mailing list". We should have enough space in the meeting room for ~16 devs.

who is coming?

Name Topics Arrival Departure
Steffan Karger Crypto stuff
Gert Döring IPv6 RGI Fri around 14:30 Sun, around 13:00-13:30
Jan Just Keijser PKCS#11, speed Fri morning Sun, late afternoon
Arne Schwabe IPv6/IPv4 Handover Thr Sun 14:35 train
Samuli Seppänen OpenVPN 2.4/3.x Fri afternoon Sun, ~15:30
Lev Stipakov inotify, occ_server_exit, etc Thr evening Sun, ~15:30
David Sommerseth systemd, user/pass auth Thu afternoon (KL1144) Mon, early morning (KL1145)
Adriaan de Jong Crypto stuff, planning
James Yonan - Thu -


The meeting is held at the office of Fox-IT: Olof Palmestraat 6, Delft, the Netherlands. Our house rules require that you allow your visit to be registered at the front desk. A valid identity document is required. See for more details.

Directions the train station to the West Cord hotel.

Directions the hotel to Fox-IT


The hackathon will take place from Oct 9 (Friday), 2015 to Oct 11 (Sunday).


Fox-IT will provide for breakfast, lunch, coffee, soft drinks, etc. during daytime.


So what is the goal of the Hackathon?

  • meet in person, talk about things
    • contributors agreement (CLA) for OpenVPN 3
    • future development of 2.x and 3.x
  • hack on the 2.4 codebase - there's a number of "large" things we could try to tackle
    • new data packet format proposed for AEAD and "null-compression"
    • openvpn interactive service - get code in git tree
    • async plugin patch, inotify async auth patch (Lev)
    • IPv6 gateway detection (rgi6)?
    • how to handle servers with v4+v6 addresses and roaming clients (3G/wifi) that roam from between various brokenness variants, like "from v6+NAT64 3G to native v6 Wifi" or "to v4-only Wifi", etc.
  • Go through the list of pending patches and ACK/NACK them or assign person to review them
  • work on open trac issues
    • lots of things to review and bugs to fix

We're all open for additions here - I think the meetings in Brussels and Munich 2013 + 2014 have shown that "just being able to sit together and hack" is a useful excercise.


A wireless guest network with internet access is available at the meeting location for sure. We will probably be able to throw a switch on the table for wired connections too (no promises yet).


Most people stay at the WestCord hotel: very close to the Fox-IT office

Alternatively, you can opt for the slightly more expensive Hampshire Hotel: farther away from the office, but closer to downtown Delft.


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