2004.05.09 -- Version 1.6.0
* Unchanged from 1.6-rc4 except for version number

2004.04.01 -- Version 1.6-rc4

* Made minor customizations to devcon and
  renamed as tapinstall.exe for Windows version.
* Fixed "storage size of `iv' isn't known" build
  problem on FreeBSD.
* OpenSSL 0.9.7d bundled with Windows self-install.
2004.03.13 -- Version 1.6-rc3

* Minor Windows fixes for --ip-win32 dynamic, relating to
  the way the TAP-Win32 driver responds to a DHCP request
  from the Windows DHCP client.
* The net_gateway environmental variable wasn't being
  set correctly for called scripts (Paul Zuber).
* Added code to determine the default gateway on FreeBSD,
  allowing the --redirect-gateway option to work
  (Juan Rodriguez Hervella).
2004.03.04 -- Version 1.6-rc2

* Fixed bug in Windows version where the NetBIOS node-type
  DHCP option might have been passed even if it was not
* Fixed bug in Windows version introduced in 1.6-rc1, where
  DHCP timeout would be set to 0 seconds if --ifconfig option
  was used and --ip-win32 option was not explicitly specified.
* Added some new --dhcp-option types for Windows version.

2004.03.02 -- Version 1.6-rc1

* For Windows, make "--ip-win32 dynamic" the default.
* For Windows, make "--route-delay 10" the default
  unless --ip-win32 dynamic is not used or --route-delay
  is explicitly specified.
* L_TLS mutex could have been left in a locked state
  for certain kinds of TLS errors.
2004.02.22 -- Version 1.6-beta7
* Allow scheduling priority increase (--nice) together
  with UID/GID downgrade (--user/--group).
* Code that causes SIGUSR1 restart on TLS errors in TCP
  mode was not activated in pthread builds.
* Save the certificate serial number in an environmental
  variable called tls_serial_{n} prior to calling the
  --tls-verify script.  n is the current cert chain level.
* Added NetBSD IPv6 tunnel capability (also requires
  a kernel patch) (Horst Laschinsky).
* Fixed bug in checking the return value of the nice()
  function (Ian Pilcher).
* Bug fix in new FreeBSD IPv6 over TUN code which was
  originally added in 1.6-beta5 (Nathanael Rensen).
* More Socks5 fixes -- extended the struct frame
  infrastructure to accomodate proxy-based encapsulation
* Added --dhcp-option to Windows version for setting
  adapter properties such as WINS & DNS servers.
* Use a default route-delay of 5 seconds when
  --ip-win32 dynamic is specified (only applicable when
  --route-delay is not explicitly specified).
* Added "log_append" registry variable to control
  whether the OpenVPN service wrapper on Windows
  opens log files in append (log_append="1") or
  truncate (log_append="0") mode.  The default
  is truncate.

2004.02.05 -- Version 1.6-beta6

* UDP over Socks5 fix to accomodate Socks5 encapsulation
  overhead (Christof Meerwald).
* Minor --ip-win32 dynamic tweaks (use long lease time,
  invalidate existing lease with DHCPNAK).

2004.02.01 -- Version 1.6-beta5

* Added Socks5 proxy support (Christof Meerwald).
* IPv6 tun support for FreeBSD (Thomas Glanzmann).
* Special TAP-Win32 debug mode for Windows self-install that was
  enabled in beta4 is now turned off.
* Added some new Solaris notes to INSTALL (Koen Maris).
* More work on --ip-win32 dynamic.

2004.01.27 -- Version 1.6-beta4

* For this beta, the Windows self-install is a debug version
  and will run slower -- use only for testing.
* Reverted the --ip-win32 default back to 'ipapi'
  from 'dynamic'.
* Added the offset parameter to '--ip-win32 dynamic' which
  can be used to control the address of the masqueraded
  DHCP server which replies to Windows DHCP requests.
* Added a wait/nowait option to --inetd (nowait can only
  be used with TCP sockets, TLS authentication, and over
  a bridged configuration -- see FAQ for more info)
  (Stefan `Sec` Zehl).
* Added a build-time capability where TAP-Win32 driver
  debug messages can be output by OpenVPN at --verb 6
  or higher.

2004.01.20 -- Version 1.6-beta2

* Added ./configure --enable-iproute2 flag which
  uses iproute2 instead of route + ifconfig --
  this is necessary for the LEAF Linux distro
  (Martin Hejl).
* Added renewal-time and rebind-time to set of
  DHCP options returned by the TAP-Win32 driver when
  "--ip-win32 dynamic" is used.
2004.01.14 -- Version 1.6-beta1

* Fixed --proxy bug that sometimes caused plaintext
  control info generated by the proxy prior to http
  CONNECT method establishment to be incorrectly
  parsed as OpenVPN data.
* For Windows version, implemented the
  "--ip-win32 dynamic" method and made it the default.
  This method sets the TAP-Win32 adapter IP address
  and netmask by replying to the kernel's DHCP queries.
  See the man page for more detailed info.
* Added --connect-retry parameter which controls
  the time interval (in seconds) between connect()
  retries when --proto tcp-client is used.  Previously,
  this value was hardcoded to 5 seconds, and still
  defaults as such.
* --resolv-retry can now be used with a parameter
  of "infinite" to retry indefinitely.
* Added SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file() to ssl.c
  for support of multi-level certificate chains
  (Sten Kalenda).
* Fixed --tls-auth incompatibility with 1.4.x and earlier
  versions of OpenVPN when the passphrase file is an
  OpenVPN static key file (as generated by --genkey).
* Added shell-escape support in config files using
  the backslash character ("\") so that (for example)
  double quotes can be passed to the shell.
* Added "contrib" subdirectory on tarball, source zip,
  and CVS containing user-submitted contributions.
* Added an optional patch to the Redhat init script to
  allow the configuration file directory to be a
  multi-level directory hierarchy (Farkas Levente).
  See contrib/multilevel-init.patch
* Added some scripts and documentation on using
  Linux "fwmark" iptables rules to enable
  fine-grained routing control over the VPN
  (Sean Reifschneider, ).
  See contrib/openvpn-fwmarkroute-1.00

2003.11.20 -- Version 1.5.0

* Minor documentation changes.

2003.11.04 -- Version 1.5-beta14

* Fixed build problem with ./configure --disable-ssl
  that was reported on Debian woody.
* Fixed bug where --redirect-gateway could not be used
  together with --resolv-retry.

2003.11.03 -- Version 1.5-beta13

* Added CRL (certificate revocation list) capability using
  --crl-verify option (Stefano Bracalenti).
* Added --replay-window option for variable replay-protection
  window sizes.
* Fixed --fragment bug which might have caused certain large
  packets to be sent unfragmented.
* Modified --secret and --tls-auth to permit different cipher and
  HMAC keys to be used for each data flow direction.  Also
  increased static key file size generated by --genkey from
  1024 to 2048 bits, where 512 bits each are reserved for
  send-HMAC, encrypt, receive-HMAC, and decrypt.  Key file forward
  and backward compatibility is maintained.  See --secret option
  documentation on the man page for more info.
* Added --tls-remote option (Teemu Kiviniemi).
* Fixed --tls-cipher documention regarding correct delimiter
  usage (Teemu Kiviniemi).
* Added --key-method option for selecting alternative data
  channel key negotiation methods.  Method 1 is the default.
  Method 2 has been added (see man page for more info).
* Added French translation of HOWTO to web site
  (Guillaume Lehmann).
* Fixed problem caused by late resolver library load on
  certain platforms when --resolv-retry and --chroot are
  used together (Teemu Kiviniemi).
* In TCP mode, all decryption or TLS errors will abort the current
  connection (this is not done in UDP mode because UDP is
* Fixed a TCP client reconnect bug that only occurs on the
  BSDs, where connect() fails with an invalid argument.  This
  bug was partially (but not completely) fixed in beta7.
* Added "route_net_gateway" environmental variable which contains
  the pre-existing default gateway address from the routing table
  (there's no standard API for getting the default gateway, so
  right now this feature only works on Windows or Linux).
* Renamed the "route_default_gateway" enviromental variable to
  "route_vpn_gateway" -- this is the remote VPN endpoint.
* The special keywords vpn_gateway, net_gateway, and remote_host
  can now be used for the network or gateway components of the
  --route option.  See the man page for more info.
* Added the --redirect-gateway option to configure the VPN
  as the default gateway (implemented on Linux and Windows only).
* Added the --http-proxy option with basic authentication
  support for use in TCP client mode.  Successfully tested
  using Squid as the HTTP proxy, with and without authentication.

2003.10.12 -- Version 1.5-beta12

* Fixed Linux-only bug in --mktun and --rmtun which was
  introduced around beta8 or so, which would cause
  an error such as "I don't recognize device tun0 as a
  tun or tap device1".
* Added --ifconfig-nowarn option to disable options
  consistency warnings about --ifconfig parameters.
* Don't allow any kind of sequence number backtracking or
  message reordering when in TCP mode.
* Changed beta naming convention to use '_' (underscore)
  rather than '-' (dash) to pacify rpmbuild.
2003.10.08 -- Version 1.5-beta11

* Modified code in the Windows version which sets the IP address
  and netmask of the TAP-Win32 adapter using the IP Helper API.
  Most of the changes involve better error recovery when
  the IP Helper API returns an error status.  See the
  manual page entry on --ip-win32 for more info.

2003.10.08 -- Version 1.5-beta10

* Added getpass() function for Windows version so that --askpass
  option works correctly (Stefano Bracalenti).
* Added reboot advisory to end of Win32 install script.
* Changed crypto code to use pseudo-random IVs rather than
  carrying forward the IV state from the previous packet.
  This is in response to item 2 in the following document: which points
  out weaknesses in TLS's use of the same IV carryforward
  approach.  This change does not break protocol compatibility
  with previous versions of OpenVPN.
* Made a change to the crypto replay protection code to also
  protect against certain kinds of packet reordering attacks.
  This change does not break protocol compatibility with
  previous versions of OpenVPN.
* Added --ip-win32 option to provide several choices for
  setting the IP address on the TAP-Win32 adapter.
* #ifdefed out non-CBC crypto modes by default.
* Added --up-delay option to delay TUN/TAP open and --up script
  execution until after connection establishment.  This option
  replaces the earlier windows-only option --tap-delay.
2003.10.01 -- Version 1.5-beta9

* Fixed --route-noexec bug where option was not parsed correctly.
* Complain if --dev tun is specified without --ifconfig on Windows.
* Fixed bug where TCP connections on windows would sometimes cause
  an assertion failure.
* Added a new flag to TAP-Win32 advanced properties that allows one
  to set the adapter to be always "connected" even when an OpenVPN
  process doesn't have it open.  The default behavior is to report
  a media status of connected only when an OpenVPN process has the
  adapter open.
* Rebuilt the Windows self-install distribution with OpenSSL 0.9.7c
  DLLs in response to an OpenSSL security advisory.

2003.09.30 -- Version 1.5-beta8

* Extended the --ifconfig option to work on tap devices as well
  as tun devices.
* Implemented the --ifconfig option for Windows, by calling the
  netsh tool.
* By default, do an "arp -d *" on Windows after TAP-Win32 open to
  refresh the MAC cache.  This behaviour can be disabled with
* On Windows, allow the --dev-node parameter (which specifies
  the name of the TAP-Win32 adapter) to be omitted in cases where
  there is a single TAP-Win32 adapter on the system which can be
  assumed to be the default.
* Modified the diagnostic --verb 5 debugging level to print 'R'
  for TCP/UDP read, 'W' for TCP/UDP write, 'r' for TUN/TAP read,
  and 'w' for TUN/TAP write.
* Conditionalize OpenBSD read_tun and write_tun based on tun or tap
* Added IPv6 tun support to OpenBSD (Thomas Glanzmann).
* Make the --enable-mtu-dynamic ./configure option enabled by
* Deprecated the --mtu-dynamic run-time option, in favor of
* DNS names can now be used as --ifconfig parameters.
* Significant work on TAP-Win32 driver to bring up to SMP standards.
* On Windows, fixed dangling IRP problem if TAP-Win32 driver is
  unloaded or disabled, while a user-space process has it open.
* On Windows, if --tun-mtu is not specified, it will be read from
  the TAP-Win32 driver via ioctl.
* On Windows, added TAP-Win32 driver status info to "F2" keyboard
  signal (only when run from a console window).
* Added --mssfix option to control TCP MSS size (YANO Hirokuni).
* Renamed --mtu-dynamic option to --fragment to more accurately
  reflect its function.  Fragment accepts a single parameter which
  is the upper limit on acceptable UDP packet size.
* Changed default --tun-mtu-extra parameter to 32 from 64.
* Eliminated reference to malloc.o in
* Added tun device emulation to the TAP-Win32 driver.
* Added --route and related options.
* Added init script for SuSE Linux (Frank Plohmann).
* Extended option consistency check between peers to function
  in all crypto modes, including static-key and cleartext modes.
  Previously only TLS mode was supported.  Disable with
* Overall, increased the amount of configuration option sanity
  checking, especially of networking parameters.
* Added --mtu-test option for empirical MTU measurement.
* Added Windows-only option --tap-delay to not set the TAP-Win32
  adapter media state to 'connected' until TCP/UDP connection
  establishment with peer.
* Slightly modified --route/--route-delay semantics so that when
  --route is given without --route-delay, routes are added
  immediately after tun/tap device open.  When --route-delay is
  specified, routes will be added n seconds after connection
  initiation, where n is the --route-delay parameter (which
  can be set to 0).	
* Made TCP framing error into a non-fatal error that triggers a
  connection reset.

2003.08.28 -- Version 1.5-beta7

* Fixed bug that caused OpenVPN not to respond to exit/restart
  signals when --resolv-retry is used and a local or remote DNS
  name cannot be resolved.
* Exported a series of environmental variables with useful
  info for scripts.  See man page for more info.  Based
  on a suggestion by Anthony Ciaravalo.
* Moved TCP/UDP socket bind to a point in the initialization
  before the --up script gets called.  This is desirable
  because (a) a socket bind failure will happen before
  daemonization, allowing an error status code to be returned
  to the shell and (b) the possibility is eliminated of a
  socket bind failure causing the --up script to be run
  but not the --down script.  This change has a side effect
  that --resolv-retry will no longer work with --local.
* Fixed bug where if an OpenVPN TCP server went down and back
  up again, Solaris or FreeBSD clients would fail to reconnect
  to it.
* Fixed bug that prevented OpenVPN from being run by
  inetd/xinetd in TCP mode.
* Added --log and --log-append options for logging messages to
  a file.
* On Windows, check that the current user is a member of the
  Administrator group before attempting install or uninstall.

2003.08.16 -- Version 1.5-beta6

* Fixed TAP-Win32 driver to properly increment the Rx/Tx count.

2003.08.14 -- Version 1.5-beta5

* Added user-configurability of the TAP-Win32 adapter MTU
  through the adapter advanced properties page.
* Added Windows Service support.
* On Windows, added file association and right-clickability
  for .ovpn files (OpenVPN config files).

2003.08.05 -- Version 1.5-beta4

* Extra refinements and error checking added to Windows
  NSIS install script.
2003.08.05 -- Version 1.5-beta3
* Added md5.h include to crypto.c to fix build problem on
* Created a Win32 installer using NSIS.
* Removed DelService command from TAP-Win32 INF file.  It appears
  to be not necessary and it interfered with the ability to
  uninstall and reinstall the driver without needing to reboot.
* On Windows version, added "addtap" and "deltapall" batch
  files to add and delete TAP-Win32 adapter instances.

2003.07.31 -- Version 1.5-beta2
* Renamed INSTALL.w32 to INSTALL-win32.txt and reformatted
  in Windows ASCII so it's easier to click and view.
* Added postscript and PDF versions of the HOWTO to the web
  site (C R Zamana).
* Merged Michael Clarke's stability patch into TAP-Win32
  driver which appears to fix the suspend/resume driver bug
  and significantly improve driver stability.
* Added Christof Meerwald's Media Status patch to the
  TAP-Win32 driver which shows the TAP adapter to be
  disconnected when OpenVPN is not running.
* Moved socket connect and TCP server listen code to a later
  point in openvpn() function so that the TCP server listen
  state is entered after daemonization.
* Added keyboard shortcuts to simulate signals in the Windows
  version, see the window title bar for descriptions.

2003.07.24 -- Version 1.5-beta1
* Added TCP support via the new --proto option.
* Renamed udp-centric options such as --udp-mtu to
  --link-mtu (old option names preserved for compatibility).
* Ported to Windows 2000 + XP using mingw and a TAP driver
  derived from the Cipe-Win32 project by Damion K. Wilson.
* Added --show-adapters flag for windows version.
* Reworked the SSL/TLS packet acknowledge code to better
  handle certain corner cases.
* Turned off the default enabling of IP forwarding in the
  sample-scripts/openvpn.init script for Redhat.
  Forwarding can be enabled by users in their --up scripts
  or firewall config.
* Added --up-restart option based on suggestion from Sean
* If --dev tap or --dev-type tap is specified, --tun-mtu
  defaults to 1500 and --tun-mtu-extra defaults to 64.
* Enabled --verb 5 debugging mode that prints 'R' and 'W'
  for each packet read or write on the TCP/UDP socket.

2003.08.04 -- Version 1.4.3

* Added md5.h include to crypto.c
  to fix build problem on OpenBSD.

2003.07.15 -- Version 1.4.2

* Removed adaptive bandwidth from
  --mtu-dynamic -- its absence appears
  to work better than its existence (
* Minor changes to --shaper to fix long
  retransmit timeouts at low bandwidth
* Added LOG_RW flag to openvpn.h for
  debugging (
* Silenced spurious configure warnings (
* Backed out --dev-name patch, modified --dev
  to offer equivalent functionality (
* Added an optional parameter to --daemon and
  --inetd to support the passing of a custom
  program name to the system logger (
* Add compiled-in options to the program title
* Coded the beginnings of a WIN32 port (
* Succeeded in porting to Win32 Mingw environment
  and running loopback tests (  Still
  need a kernel driver for full Win32
* Fixed a bug in error.h where
  HAVE_CPP_VARARG_MACRO_GCC was misspelled.
  This would have caused a significant slowdown
  of OpenVPN when built by compilers that
  lack ISO C99 vararg macros (
* Created an init script for Gentoo Linux
  in ./gentoo directory (

2003.05.15 -- Version 1.4.1

* Modified the Linux 2.4 TUN/TAP open code to
  fall back to the 2.2 TUN/TAP interface if the
  open or ioctl fails.
* Fixed bug when --verb is set to 0 and non-fatal
  socket errors occur, causing 100% CPU utilization.
  Occurs on platorms where
  such as Linux 2.4.
* Fixed typo in tun.c that was preventing
  OpenBSD build.
* Added --enable-mtu-dynamic configure option
  to enable --mtu-dynamic experimental option.
2003.05.07 -- Version 1.4.0

* Added --replay-persist feature to allow replay
  protection across sessions.
* Fixed bug where --ifconfig could not be used
  with --tun-mtu.
* Added --tun-mtu-extra parameter to deal with
  the situation where a read on a TUN/TAP device
  returns more data than the device's MTU size.
* Fixed bug where some IPv6 support code for
  Linux was not being properly ifdefed out for
  Linux 2.2, causing compile errors.
* Added OPENVPN_EXIT_STATUS_x codes to
  openvpn.h to control which status value
  openvpn returns to its caller (such as
  a shell or inetd/xinetd) for various conditions.
  openvpn.h to allow debugging in situations
  where stdout, stderr, and syslog cannot be used
  for message output, such as when OpenVPN is
  instantiated by inetd/xinetd.
* Removed owner-execute permission from file
  created by static key generator (Herbert Xu
  and Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta).
* Added --passtos option to allow IPv4 TOS bits
  to be passed from TUN/TAP input packets to
  the outgoing UDP socket (Craig Knox).
* Added code to prevent open socket file descriptors
  from being accessible to called scripts.
* Added --dev-name option (Christian Lademann).
* Added --mtu-disc option for manual control
  over MTU options.
* Show OS MTU value on UDP socket write failures
  (linux only).
* Numerous build system and portability
  fixes (Matthias Andree).
* Added better sensing of compiler support for
  variable argument macros, including (a) gcc
  style, (b) ISO C 1999 style, and (c) no support.
* Removed generated files from CVS.  Note INSTALL
  file for new CVS build commands.
* Changed certain internal symbol names
  for C standards compliance.
* Added TUN/TAP open code to cycle dynamically
  through unit numbers until it finds a free
  unit (based on code from Thomas Gielfeldt
  and VTun).
* Added dynamic MTU and fragmenting infrastructure
  (Experimental).  Rebuild with FRAGMENT_ENABLE
  defined to enable.
* Minor changes to SSL/TLS negotiation, use
  exponential backoff on retransmits, and use
  a smaller MTU size (note that no protocol
  changes have been made which would break
  compatibility with 1.3.x).
* Added --enable-strict-options flag
  to ./configure.  This option will cause
  a more strict check for options compatibility
  between peers when SSL/TLS negotiation is used,
  but should only be used when both OpenVPN peers
  are of the same version.
* Reorganization of debugging levels.
* Added a workaround in for
  default SSL header location on Linux
  to fix RH9 build problem.
* Fixed potential deadlock when pthread support
  is used on OSes that allocate a small socketpair()
  message buffer.
* Fixed openvpn.init to be sh compliant
  (Bishop Clark).
* Changed --daemon to wait until all
  initialization is finished before becoming a
  daemon, for the benefit of initialization
  scripts that want a useful return status from
  the openvpn command.
* Made openvpn.init script more robust, including
  positive indication of initialization errors
  in the openvpn daemon and better sanity checks.
* Changed --chroot to wait until initialization
  is finished before calling chroot(), and allow
  the use of --user and --group with --chroot.
* When syslog logging is enabled (--daemon or
  --inetd), set stdin/stdout/stderr to point
  to /dev/null.
* For inetd instantiations, dup socket descriptor
  to a >2 value.
* Fixed bug in verify-cn script, where test would
  incorrectly fail if CN=x was the last component
  of the X509 composite string (Anonymous).
* Added Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer's special
  license exception to COPYING.

2002.10.23 -- Version 1.3.2

* Added SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list call
  to follow the canonical form for TLS initialization
  recommended by the OpenSSL docs.  This change allows
  better support for intermediate CAs and has no impact
  on security.
* Added build-inter script to easy-rsa package, to
  facilitate the generation of intermediate CAs.
* Ported to NetBSD (Dimitri Goldin).
* Fixed minor bug in easy-rsa/sign-req.  It refers to
  openssl.cnf file, instead of $KEY_CONFIG, like all
  other scripts (Ernesto Baschny).
* Added --days 3650 to the root CA generation command
  in the HOWTO to override the woefully small 30 day
  default (Dominik 'Aeneas' Schnitzer).
* Fixed bug where --ping-restart would sometimes
  not re-resolve remote DNS hostname.
* Added --tun-ipv6 option and related infrastructure
  support for IPv6 over tun.
* Added IPv6 over tun support for Linux (Aaron Sethman).
* Added FreeBSD 4.1.1+ TUN/TAP driver notes to
  INSTALL (Matthias Andree).
* Added inetd/xinetd support (--inetd) including
  documentation in the HOWTO.
* Added "Important Note on the use of commercial certificate
  authorities (CAs) with OpenVPN" to HOWTO based on
  issues raised on the openvpn-users list.

2002.07.10 -- Version 1.3.1

* Fixed bug in openvpn.spec and openvpn.init
  which caused RPM upgrade to fail.

2002.07.10 -- Version 1.3.0

* Added --dev-node option to allow explicit selection of
  tun/tap device node.
* Removed mlockall call from child thread, as it doesn't
  appear to be necessary (child thread inherits mlockall
  state from parent).
* Added --ping-timer-rem which causes timer for --ping-exit
  and --ping-restart not to run unless we have a remote IP
* Added condrestart to openvpn.init and openvpn.spec
  (Bishop Clark).
* Added --ifconfig case for FreeBSD (Matthias Andree).
* Call openlog with facility=LOG_DAEMON (Matthias Andree).
* Changed LOG_INFO messages to LOG_NOTICE.
* Added warning when key files are group/others accessible.
* Added --single-session flag for TLS mode.
* Fixed bug where --writepid would segfault if used with
  an invalid filename.
* Fixed bug where --ipchange status message was formatted
* Print more concise error message when system() call
* Added --disable-occ option.
* Added --local, --remote, and --ifconfig options sanity
* Changed default UDP MTU to 1300 and TUN/TAP MTU to
* Successfully tested with OpenSSL 0.9.7 Beta 2.
* Broke out debug level definitions to errlevel.h
* Minor documentation and web site changes.
* All changes maintain protocol compatibility
  with OpenVPN versions since 1.1.0, however default
  MTU changes will require setting the MTU explicitly
  by command line option, if you want 1.3.0 to
  communicate with previous versions.

2002.06.12 -- Version 1.2.1

* Added --ping-restart option to restart
  connection on ping timeout using SIGUSR1
  logic (Matthias Andree).
* Added --persist-tun, --persist-key,
  --persist-local-ip, and --persist-remote-ip
  options for finer-grained control over SIGUSR1
  and --ping-restart restarts.  To
  replicate previous SIGUSR1 functionality,
  use --persist-remote-ip.
* Changed residual IV fetching code to take
  IV from tail of ciphertext.
* Added check to make sure that CFB or OFB
  cipher modes are only used with SSL/TLS
  authentication mode, and added a caveat
* Changed signal handling during initialization
  (including re-initialization during restarts)
  to exit on SIGTERM or SIGINT and ignore other
  signals which would ordinarily be caught.
* Added --resolv-retry option to allow
  retries on hostname resolution.
* Expanded the --float option to also
  allow dynamic changes in source port number
  on incoming datagrams.
* Added --mute option to limit repetitive
  logging of similar message types.
* Added --group option to downgrade GID
  after initialization.
* Try to set ifconfig path automatically
  in configure.
* Added --ifconfig code for Mac OS X
  (Christoph Pfisterer).
* Moved "Peer Connection Initiated" message
  to --verb level 1.
* Successfully tested with
  OpenSSL 0.9.7 Beta 1 and AES cipher.
* Added RPM notes to INSTALL.
* Added ACX_PTHREAD (from the autoconf
  macro archive) to
  to figure out the right pthread
  options for a given platform.
* Broke out macro definitions from to acinclude.m4.
* Minor changes to docs and HOWTO.
* All changes maintain protocol compatibility
  with OpenVPN versions since 1.1.0.

2002.05.22 -- Version 1.2.0

* Added configuration file support via
  the --config option.
* Added pthread support to improve latency.
  With pthread support, OpenVPN
  will offload CPU-intensive tasks such as RSA
  key number crunching to a background thread
  to improve tunnel packet forwarding
  latency.  pthread support can be enabled
  with the --enable-pthread configure option.
  Pthread support is currently available
  only for Linux and Solaris.
* Added --dev-type option so that tun/tap
  device names don't need to begin with
  "tun" or "tap".
* Added --writepid option to write main
  process ID to a file.
* Numerous portability fixes to ease
  porting to other OSes including changing
  all network types to uint8_t and uint32_t,
  and not assuming that time_t is 32 bits.
* Backported to OpenSSL 0.9.5.
* Ported to Solaris.
* Finished OpenBSD port except for
  pthread support.
* Added initialization script:
  (Douglas Keller)
* Ported to Mac OS X (Christoph Pfisterer).
* Improved resilience to DoS attacks when
  TLS mode is used without --remote or
  --tls-auth, or when --float is used
  with --remote.  Note however that the best
  defense against DoS attacks in TLS mode
  is to use --tls-auth.
* Eliminated automake/autoconf dependency
  for non-developers.
* Ported to
  and autoconf 2.50+.
* SIGHUP signal now causes OpenVPN to restart
  and re-read command line and or config file,
  in conformance with canonical daemon behaviour.
* SIGUSR1 now does what SIGHUP did in
  version 1.1.1 and earlier -- close and reopen
  the UDP socket for use when DHCP changes
  host's IP address and preserve most recently
  authenticated peer address without rereading
  config file.
* SIGUSR2 added -- outputs current statistics,
  including compression statistics.
* All changes maintain protocol compatibility
  with 1.1.1 and 1.1.0.

2002.04.22 -- Version 1.1.1
* Added --ifconfig option to automatically configure
  TUN device.
* Added inactivity disconnect (--inactive
  and --ping-exit options).
* Added --ping option to keep stateful firewalls
  from timing out.
* Added sanity check to command line parser to
  err if any TLS options are used in non-TLS mode.
* Fixed build problem with compiler environments that
  define printf as a macro.
* Fixed build problem on linux systems that have
  an integrated TUN/TAP driver but lack the persistent
  tunnel feature (TUNSETPERSIST).  Some linux kernels
  >= 2.4.0 and < 2.4.7 fall into this category.
* Changed all calls to EVP_CipherInit to use explicit
  encrypt/decrypt mode in order to fix problem with
  IDEA-CBC and AES-256-CBC ciphers.
* Minor changes to control channel transmit limiter
  algorithm to fix problem where TLS control channel
  might not renegotiate within the default 60 second window.
* Simplified man page examples by taking advantage
  of the new --ifconfig option.
* Minor changes to to check more
  rigourously for OpenSSL 0.9.6 or greater.
* Put back openvpn.spec, eliminated
* Modified openvpn.spec to reflect new automake-based
  build environment (Bishop Clark).
* Other documentation changes.
* Added --test-crypto option for debugging.
* Added "missing" and "mkinstalldirs" automake
  support files.

2002.04.09 -- Version 1.1.0

* Strengthened replay protection and IV handling,
  extending it fully to both static key and
  TLS dynamic key exchange modes.
* Added --mlock option to disable paging and ensure that key
  material and tunnel data is never paged to disk.
* Added optional traffic shaping feature to cap the maximum
  data rate of the tunnel.
* Converted to automake (The Platypus Brothers 2002-04-01).
* Ported to OpenBSD by Janne Johansson.
* Added --tun-af-inet option to work around an incompatibility
  between Linux and BSD tun drivers.
* Sequence number-based replay protection using the
  IPSec sliding window model is now the default,
  disable with --no-replay.
* Explicit IV is now the default, disable with --no-iv.
* Disabled all cipher modes except CBC, CFB, and OFB.
* In CBC mode, use explicit IV and carry forward residuals,
  using IPSec model.
* In CFB/OFB mode, IV is timestamp, sequence number.
* Eliminated --packet-id, --timestamp, and max-delta parameter to
  the --tls-auth option as they are now supplanted by improved
  replay code which is enabled by default.
* Eliminated --rand-iv as it is now obsolete with improved
  IV code.
* Eliminated --reneg-err option as it increases vulnerability
  to DoS attacks.
* Added weak key check for DES ciphers.
* --tls-freq option is no longer specified on the command line,
  instead it now inherits its parameter from the
  --tls-timeout option.
* Fixed bug that would try to free memory on exit that was
  never malloced if --comp-lzo was not specified.
* Errata fixed in the man page examples: "test-ca" should be
* Updated manual page.
* Preliminary work in porting to OpenSSL 0.9.7.
* Changed license to allowing linking with OpenSSL.

2002.03.29 -- Version 1.0.3

* Fixed a problem in configure with library ordering on the
  command line.

2002.03.28 -- Version 1.0.2

* Improved the efficiency of the inner event loop.
* Fixed a minor bug with timeout handling.
* Improved the build system to build on RH 6.2 through 7.2.
* Added an openvpn.spec file for RPM builders (Bishop Clark).

2002.03.23 -- Version 1.0

* Added TLS-based authentication and key exchange.
* Added gremlin mode to stress test.
* Wrote man page.

2001.12.26 -- Version 0.91

* Added any choice of cipher or HMAC digest.

2001.5.13 -- Version 0.90

* Initial release.
* IP tunnel over UDP, with blowfish cipher and SHA1 HMAC signature.
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