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Q: I'm using TLS mode with no --remote option on the server. When I start the server then the client it works ok. I can restart the client with no problem, but if I restart the server and the client is connected I get the following problem: "TLS Error: Unknown data channel key ID or IP address received from 111.222.333.444:10203". In this case I need to restart the client again to make it work. Do you know what the problem is?
This problem occurs because when you restart the server, there is nothing to trigger a new TLS key exchange. The server can't trigger it because it doesn't have a --remote option giving it the address of its peer, so it wants to sit and wait for a client to connect. The client doesn't trigger it because it doesn't know the server was restarted (remember that UDP is connectionless).
There are several ways to fix this problem, listed in the order of preference:
Add a --remote option to the server which points to the client, making the connection peer-to-peer rather than client/server. When one peer restarts, it will force a new key exchange with the other peer.
Use the --ping and --ping-restart options to force a key negotiation any time that packets are not getting through the tunnel. Restarts always trigger a new key exchange.
Use static keys which allow OpenVPN to run in an essentially stateless manner.
Use TCP rather than UDP as your tunnel transport (available currently in the 1.5.x and higher with the --proto option). TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, and as such, either side of the connection knows immediately when the other side has disconnected.

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