TAP-Win32 adapter is not coming up: "Initialization sequence completed with errors".

In Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services, make sure that the DHCP Client Service is started.

If the above fix doesn't work, then it's possible that the TAP-Win32 adapter is being firewalled. In general, it's safe to disable the firewall on the TAP-Win32 adapter because OpenVPN makes sure that only an authenticated machine on the other end of the connection can communicate through it. Having said that, there have been reports that certain third party firewalls will block the TAP-Win32 adapter after an XP SP2 upgrade.

You can also try changing the ip-win32 setting to a non-DHCP method. For example: ip-win32 netsh

  • ip-win32 ipapi
  • ip-win32 manual

For more information on managing tap-windows drivers look here.

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