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Expired certificate used from Windows trust store

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When using cryptoapicert witch SUBJ selector, OpenVPN doesn't check validity of the certificate.

Consider a situation, where a user has 2 certificates with the same subject (actually the same DN, but it doesn't matter with SUBJ selector):
SUBJ="John Doe", expiration="1900-01-01"
SUBJ="John Doe", expiration="2999-12-31"

OpenVPN selects the first one (either every time because it's the older one and first in the list of user's certificates or in a random matter) and the server rejects the connection as the certificate has expired.

Expected behaviour: OpenVPN skips expired certificates as they aren't usable for authentication.

Under the current behaviour, the user has to delete expired certificates for OpenVPN to work. However, deleting them isn't a proper soulution as they are used used for decryption of e.g. older emails. Additionally, it's cumbersome to require clients to open MMC and delete something they don't fully understand...

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by Selva Nair

--cryptoapicert option assumes that the argument uniquely identifies the certificate. If there are multiple certs in the store with the same subject, use the thumbprint instead: --cryptoapicert "THUMB:xx yy zz ...". The whole thumbprint (20 bytes as hex) is required and may be copy-pasted from the certificate properties.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by Selva Nair

This hit me the other day on adding a renewed certificate to a Windows host. A patch that picks the first valid (time-wise) cert is here:

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