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#797 closed Bug / Defect (notabug)

reneg-bytes not disabled per default as stated in docs

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Component: Documentation Version: OpenVPN 2.3.13 (Community Ed)
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Tried posting this already but cannot find any trace of it now.

The docs state that reneg-bytes is disabled by default, however it seems it is actually set to 100MiB.


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apologies, now found my original report and want to delete this one. but cannot see how.

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Closing as notabug.

From my post on the github:

Extracts from a --verb 4 log on a test setup I have:

Wed Dec 21 18:18:02 2016 us=960278   renegotiate_bytes = -1
Wed Dec 21 18:18:02 2016 us=961046 OpenVPN 2.3.13 x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH] [IPv6] built on Nov  3 2016

However ... if you are using a cipher with a block size less than 128 bits, it will default to --reneg-bytes 64MB (on the UDP/TCP socket), and that will be clearly identified in the log file as well as a big warning.

And some code segments to document my statement:


 * Limit the reneg_bytes value when using a small-block (<128 bytes) cipher.
 * @param cipher        The current cipher (may be NULL).
 * @param reneg_bytes   Pointer to the current reneg_bytes, updated if needed.
 *                      May *not* be NULL.
static void
tls_limit_reneg_bytes(const cipher_kt_t *cipher, int *reneg_bytes)
    if (cipher && (cipher_kt_block_size(cipher) < 128/8))
        if (*reneg_bytes == -1) /* Not user-specified */
            msg(M_WARN, "WARNING: cipher with small block size in use, "
                "reducing reneg-bytes to 64MB to mitigate SWEET32 attacks.");
            *reneg_bytes = 64 * 1024 * 1024;


   /* Should we trigger a soft reset? -- new key, keeps old key for a while */
    if (ks->state >= S_ACTIVE
        && ((session->opt->renegotiate_seconds
             && now >= ks->established + session->opt->renegotiate_seconds)
            || (session->opt->renegotiate_bytes > 0
                && ks->n_bytes >= session->opt->renegotiate_bytes)
            || (session->opt->renegotiate_packets
                && ks->n_packets >= session->opt->renegotiate_packets)
            || (packet_id_close_to_wrapping(&ks->crypto_options.packet_id.send))))
            "TLS: soft reset sec=%d bytes=" counter_format "/%d pkts=" counter_format "/%d",
            (int)(ks->established + session->opt->renegotiate_seconds - now),
            ks->n_bytes, session->opt->renegotiate_bytes,
            ks->n_packets, session->opt->renegotiate_packets);

Please post a complete --verb 4 log of what is happening next time.

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dup of #796

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