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Mostly Strict Skin Actions Taken by Beaudify

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if you know if you're looking for yourself look in the mirror where you need more coverage and take the brush and just do a little bit of a potting a stippling technique in the area were you one more coverage your build just in those areas and that’s how we create full coverage in certain areas but the overall look is natural on it cool grey answered I'm from everyone you know I'm going Togo on one last question for your doctor into because we've got so many and I wish be down from all and doesn't just really quick answer key could on alter therapy I want our readers Marianas asking that's how does all their key work so all therapy Beaudify I is a radiofrequency ablation I'll arm technology what it's designed to do is designed to give high-energy uh discharge to the deeper dermis skin and by doing that at times steeper garments which by proxy type some superficial skin uh.

so that's a very promising technology there are two current issues other two issues with the current iteration issue number one is its effective for skin and there are some great results out there but you have to diagnose the problem right if you have a uh incompetent but is more muscle it's not going to work it just isn't by if you just have some loose cannon it can work I think I think the people they going to do best with of therapy are going to be in there 30 so early forties who have just a genetic predisposition to jail I have so I have Alexis a bipartisan is intact my dad gave it to me I yeah yep so high I mean obviously nobody’s going to go under the knife for that um but so that's a promising technology one thing that's been used before of therapy is.

I'm smart quite well and that works exceedingly well you know in the both female and male population 6 going to tighten the skin while simultaneously tightening the petitioner and removing that fat play and that's done through three small poke holes so from a durability standpoints I think you know Smartly laser liposuction the neck is still is talking about ill arm I think of therapy is a quantum leap forward but as a technology it's not quite perfect yet and the other thing is there's occur tremendous matter complaints that is Gary very uncomfortable arm and so and when we trial the product that that’s what we do at I and again you know that's their story I don't want anybody to fear coming to see me I'm so I think it's ok a step in the right direction I think radiofrequency ablation continue to gain market share but right now all therapy is a little bit up in incomplete answer but you can get a result there are people that do very well with that it just again you just really have to define which goal is and no the and added I'll yeah and today just us here your doctor and see what they have to say let them know two issues are and they can help you cut come to fruition right absolutely and the other thing I would I would mention with that is you know all therapy the company made the decision to sell that product to anybody so you have primary care physicians you have all sorts of different specialties doing that you know not to tell my own horn but I would absolutely advocate seeing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon a board-certified ascetic dermatologist reports or fight plastic surgeon above any other medical specially for that specific treatment absolutely okay so I'm going to announce are third winner of the cover affect that but first I want to thank God.

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