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openvpn_plugin_func_v3 version documentation disagrees with code

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Component: plug-ins / plug-in API Version: OpenVPN git master branch (Community Ed)
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The documentation for openvpn_plugin_func_v3() (as specified in include/ states that:

version: ... The plug-in should validate that this value is matching the OPENVPN_PLUGIN_VERSION value.

However, plugin_call_item() which calls openvpn_plugin_func_v3() (as specified in src/openvpn/plugin.c) actually passes OPENVPN_PLUGINv3_STRUCTVER instead of the expected OPENVPN_PLUGIN_VERSION on line 561 as show below.

status = (*p->func3)(OPENVPN_PLUGINv3_STRUCTVER, &args, &retargs);

This discrepancy causes all plug-ins that use openvpn_plugin_func_v3() and follow the recommendations of the documentation to fail for any OpenVPN versions where OPENVPN_PLUGIN_VERSION does not equal OPENVPN_PLUGINv3_STRUCTVER. A cursory examination reveals this to be all 2.3 versions and any 2.4 versions >= 2.4.2.

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