OpenVPN meeting at FOSDEM 2013

who will be there?

  • cron2
  • dazo
  • andj
  • mattock
  • plaisthos
  • james
  • d12fk

topics to cover

  • coverity status, what do we want to do about it? There's useful info in there but also lots of noise
  • patch queue backlog ("hacking contest!") - doc patches, trac tickets relevant to 2.3.0, ifconfig-ipv6-pool patch, more?
  • openvpn 2.3 integration into AS (more a side topic for cron2/james/mattock)
  • PolarSSL 1.2.x patches
  • privilege separation for the windows client (and/or drop that approach and build something on the 3.0 client core alternatively?)
  • dual licensing for 3.0 core
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