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    1616* Once a visitor selects the Community Edition, the Corporate Banner is removed or will ''at least'' scroll up with the page. [[br]]
    1717 I checked a variety of my bookmarks to get some idea of how often the fixed banner is used and found that it is not very common.  And in every case I found the banner is only one line of small graphics/text not two.
     19* Consider utilizing the domain.  This could be done to varying degrees:
     20 * total company split. is organized as a subsidiary of the for-profit company, with dedicated resources.
     21 * total website split. link from to instead of going to  The .org domain becomes the TLD of community resources.  Crosslinks between .net to .org can brand-differentiate / refer to "the open-source code that powers our business," and vice-versa.
     22 * create a minimal redirect: becomes a simple redirect to a landing page on instead of the mainline site.
     23 * create many redirects: .net site can link to "", with each URI linking to somewhere in or  This seems twisty, I know - .net links to a .org just to 307 back to .net.  The idea here would be to make the links clearly show that "this link is about the community/open-source edition."  That you end up back on .net is what happens today, but you could do something more in line with a .org layer later.