VLAN patch set

This page is to document the ongoing work on the VLAN patch set by Fabian Kittel


Initial patch submission was here (March 31, 2010): <cover.1270060247.git.fabian.knittel@…>

after initial review, we got a round of updates(!) to that (April 12, 2010):

To be fully useful, it might need some work on 802.1 priority handling:

Supposedly all the patches are in git:// in "feat_vlan" branch.

Then we had Mike Auty bring it back here (December 2015):

And "Ikelos" (= Mike Auty?) here (December 2016) as a github PR

deferred client-connect

(unrelated but we also need to cover this)


  • in-tree - doc/, manpage?
  • out of tree - trac, examples?


  • which version do we start with?
  • agree on architecture
  • rebase patches
  • build test environment (Gert)
  • review, test
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