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Adding info about Fedora Copr repositories

Michal Ludvig's RPM repos

Michal Ludvig maintains OpenVPN "unstable / development" RPM repositories for Suse, Redhat, CentOS and Fedora. Here's a simple "config wizard" with install instructions for different distros:

Alternatively you can go directly to the repository and find your way around:

These RPMs are for testing only, not for production. Their author has tested them on RHEL 5, CentOS 6 and OpenSuse? 11.4 but YMMV, but no guarantees of proper functioning is given.

EPEL repository

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux and clones, follow the Fedora EPEL guide on how to install the EPEL repository. Scientific Linux have a helper packages already handy which can be installed using yum install yum-conf-epel. CentOS might have a similar package too. Fedora has recent enough OpenVPN version in its default repositories so setting up EPEL is not required.

Once the repository is setup installing OpenVPN is easy:

   [root@host:~]# yum install openvpn

On Fedora releases using dnf, it is equally simple:

   [root@host:~]# dnf install openvpn

All packages in the Fedora repositories are signed by the official Fedora keys.

Fedora Copr repositories

Development builds and beta releases for Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are made available via Fedora Copr repositories. To use these repositories, the yum-plugin-copr module must be installed first.

Beta releases

This repository will only be used during the pre-release phase (beta, release candidates) of OpenVPN, like OpenVPN 2.5_beta releases. Once the final stable release is done, this repository will not be updated until the next pre-release phase. Packages in this repository may disappear some time after the final first stable releases.

   [root@host:~]# yum copr enable dsommers/openvpn-beta
   [root@host:~]# yum install openvpn

More information about this repository:

Development builds

The builds in this repository contains bleeding edge development code, built straight from the git master branch. Code in the master branch is what will end up in the next major release of OpenVPN.

   [root@host:~]# yum copr enable dsommers/openvpn-git
   [root@host:~]# yum install openvpn

More information about this repository:


For details, look at Repoforge homepage.