Basic info

  • Time: Wed 17th Feb 2021 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-meeting channel on Freenode IRC network


  • Sync up on OpenVPN 2.5 and 2.6
  • release 2.5.1
    • suggestion: "as is", soonish, with client-side token/reneg fixes
    • server-side reneg fixes later (already in master, but slightl problematic, see discussion two weeks ago)
  • "denys" on Trac not working well
    • example: #1373 - 6 weeks, no response
  • New forums shared account "openvpn_inc" that will take over Access Server / Connect support in forums and trac
  • Containerized buildmaster and mattock's buildslaves
  • Propose new, more sensible layed out Community forum (and archive the current one?).
  • Bridged Windows 10 Causes Sporadic Crashes
  • [Suggestion] Old Patches

Topics on hold

  1. FIPS patches

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