Basic info

  • Time: Wed 27th January 2021 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-meeting channel on Freenode IRC network


  • Sync up on OpenVPN 2.5 and 2.6
  • server side auth/token/rekey cleanup
    • 2.5.1?
    • possible DoS vector with non-successful auth for the same client cert as for an existing session?
  • --enable-inetd ripout
    • patch exists, no feedback on list whatsoever
    • out it goes!
  • pf packet filter ripout
    • no patch yet. Feedback on list: one private mail that says "yeah, kill it", one public mail (in a different thread) "I am using it but won't miss it)
    • out it goes for 2.6, and not built by default for 2.5 (starting with 2.5.1)?
  • maintenance of Changes.rst
    • cumbersome to deal with if changes are part of regular "mail to openvpn-devel" patch
    • suggestion: just add change-to-changes.rst as comment in the commit message, and let cron2 deal with it at merge time
  • delegate to @dazo :-)

Topics on hold

  1. FIPS patches

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