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    881. OpenVPN 2.4 - next steps?
    99 * [wiki:StatusOfOpenvpn24 Release status page]
    10 2. Decommissioning openvpn-testing.git
     102. Decommissioning openvpn-testing.git (proposal from dazo)
    1111 * The testing git repo have not served the purpose it was designed for in a long time, due to the development model have changed dramatically
    1212 * The official openvpn.git repositories users can fetch our git trees from are on gitlab, github and, and they should always be in sync
    1717   * feat_passtos (based on v2.2_beta) and need to be reworked to be relevant again.  Considering the interest for this feature has been mostly lacking, dazo does not consider this important enough to keep around.
    1818   * feat_vlan_tagging (builds on feat_passtos) which also needs massive rework.  This feature have received a few more requests over the years on the ML, but no-one have taken responsibility to care or push for this feature.  This patch-set consists of 16 patches, which in addition needs thorough review.  Considering the lack of ownership to these patches and someone really pushing for this to become a reality, plus that it needs a considerable rebase work, dazo is of the opinion to also drop this one.  **If** someone is willing to take ownership to this patch-set and we have people willing to review it - it can be prepared in an external git repository before being sent for final review on the mailing list.
     19 * Decommissioning openvpn-testing.git will happen in early January, where the last push to this git tree will be the final OpenVPN v2.4.0 release.
    20213. Copyright updates