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Basic info

  • Time: Monday 7th Nov 2016, 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)
  • Place: #openvpn-meeting channel on Freenode IRC network


  1. OpenVPN QA
  2. OpenVPN 2.4 - next steps?
    • Release status page
    • RFC: deprecate or remove --key-method 1?
    • Getting 2.4 into Debian 9
      • Mail from the Debian package maintainer: "I'll consider uploading 2.4_something in early December, so we have a month to fix possible issues. After December 29 it won't be doable."
  3. OpenVPN 2.3.14 release
    • what is missing?

QA overview

NOTE: The table below is now maintained on OpenVPN QA page.

Here's an overview of our current, work in progress and proposed QA tools/processes:

Tool/process Automated In use Scope Extra requirements B.patchB.mergeA.mergeB.releaseB.distro merge
"make check" No Yes Build None X
vagrant No Needs work Build,integration Vagrant installed X
unit tests Yes Needs work Regression Cmocka installed X
code review No Yes Everything None X
travis Yes Yes Build Use a GitHub PR X
patchwork Yes Proposed Build,integration Has to be setup X
push scripts No Yes ? Scripts installed X
buildbot Yes Yes Build,integration None (X)[3]X
win builds[1] Yes Yes Build None (X)[3]X
win snapshots[1]Yes Yes Everything Windows X
win testsuite[2]No[4] Yes Integration Windows (X)[3](X)[3]X
linux packages No[4] Yes Everything Debian OS (X)[3](X)[3](X)[3] X


  3. This tool/process could be adapted to catch errors earlier, at this phase
  4. Could be automated, but requires a fair amount of work; integration with Windows snapshots could be accomplished with Chocolatey.


  • B.patch = (Typically catches errors) before a patch is published
  • B.merge = before merging the patch (to Git "master")
  • A.merge = after merging the patch (to Git "master")
  • B.release = before making a release
  • B.distro merge = before distributions merge the release to their repositories/ports

Scope is very high-level here by design. We can improve our QA in two main ways:

  1. Catch the problems earlier
  2. Make each tool/process catch more problems

More complete description of our QA on the OpenVPN QA page.

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