New topics

  1. Issues with supplying username/password/response via file/stdin/management interface
    • Full IRC discussion here
    • Waldner has been adding support for supplying username only to --auth-user-pass
      • It was agreed on #openvpn-devel IRC that this makes sense, as usernames rarely change
    • Waldner's proposed changes opened a can of worms. There are at least three issues:
      1. Supporting inline files
      2. Including support for user-name only via file (inline or not)
        • This may require significant refactoring
      3. Using a user-file (inline or not) with challenge-response
        • This does not work currently: is this a bug or a design decision/feature?
  2. openvpn-build issues
    • How to track build changes (from pekster)
    • Ideas on how to make the nsis stuff easier (from pekster)
    • Adding snappy support (from mattock)
      • Mattock has snappy support in his local openvpn-build Git repo
      • The problem is that snappy pulls in a 8MB library as a dependency, increasing installer size considerably
      • Suggestions for fixing this?
        • Static linking?
        • Creating a slimmed down shared library?
        • Something else?

Review of old topics

The usual stuff

Patch review

If time permis, review patches from here. ACK/NACK/discuss.

Ticket review

If time permits, review some of the fairly recent tickets (June 1st -> today) listed here.

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