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Development discussion

  • Buildbot (manual)
    • How to inform developers of build successes/warnings/failures?
      • Using openvpn-devel: ~500 subscribers, most don't care about these
      • Using a separate mailinglist (openvpn-commits/builds): requires yet another subscription
      • Use an IRC notifier (#openvpn-devel)
    • Should we limit access to the buildbot web interface?
      • Most people have no use for it
      • Public access increases risk of getting BuildBot? hacked
      • Ways to limit access: basic AUTH / SSH access + port forwarding / OpenVPN tunnel
    • Where do we get the BuildSlaves??
      • Background information: BuildSlaves? are responsible for testing the builds. The idea is to have buildslaves running a variety of OSes (e.g. FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora). Each can then build and package OpenVPN for their respective platform. BuildSlaves? run buildbot and connect to the BuildMaster? server and accept BuildRequests? (commands) from it. They do not need to be online all the time, but that's beneficial. They can work from behind a firewall, as they initiate the TCP connection to the BuildMaster?.
      • Should we ask our community members to provide BuildSlaves??
      • Should we create "always online" virtual machines to provide BuildSlaves??
      • Should we combine both approaches?
    • What setup do we want to use to trigger builds?
      • Option 1: use a commit mailinglist and configure BuildBot? to detect commits from the mails - should be relatively clean and well supported option
      • Option 2: developer sends a git push -> server accepts the push and updates the remote git tree -> server side calls .git/hooks/post-update which does a 'curl' -> executes a script by the webserver which executes the script in the background and responds OK -> will then trigger a fetch and do a build