The OpenVPN community strives to respect the privacy and personal information of the community members and participants of our sites, services, and tools. Where appropriate and when technically feasible, we will remove personally identifiable information mistakenly posted. The following items are not considered to be personally identifiable information:

  1. Email Addresses
  2. IP Addresses
  3. Hostnames or Domain Names
  4. A chosen username for the forum, wiki, or bug tracker

While we do respect the intent of the European Union's GDPR, the OpenVPN community does not reside within the EU, and is not subject to GDPR requirements.

The community administrators will not remove forum threads or posts, wiki pages or page edits, IRC logs, or any other user-contributed content under the auspices of GDPR. We will endeavor to be reasonable in other regards, to our best effort.

For questions about our privacy policy, please email ecrist on openvpn net or find him on IRC in #openvpn on Freenode.

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